Tork/NSI 600D Series Digital Outdoor Timers

Programmable Outlets for Your Fountains, Landscape Lighting, and More

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What's special about these digital timers?

  • Save energy on your lighting bills by switching electricity on or off automatically on a 7-day repeatable schedule
  • Digital LCD display and simple design provide a quick and easy setup
  • Can be wall or pole mounted to keep power connections safely off the ground and away from possible pooling water
  • Clear, water-proof cover protects controls from the elements
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Energy Ssaving ProductsThese outdoor timers turn your outdoor lighting on or off at specified times for security, safety, and energy savings. The technology provides lighting when you need it to keep you from coming home to a dark house where you may feel unsafe, and also act as a deterrent for criminals.


NSI-611D 7-Day Digital Timer w/ 1 Grounded Outlet Photocell: ON
Dawn or Timed: OFF
1 24"
NSI-621D 7-Day Digital Outdoor Plug-in Timer Multiple ON/OFFs for each day of the week 2 18"
NSI-631D 7-Day, 2-Outlet Photocell Digital Outdoor Plug-in Timer, 125V/15A Photocell: ON
Dawn or Timed: OFF
2 18"
NSI-655D 2-Outlet Remote-Controlled Indoor/Outdoor Timer, 125VAC/10A/5A Resistive Handheld Remote: ON/OFF 2 n/a
  • 611D and 631D models are equipped with a photocell to turn on automatically at dusk, then off again at dawn (or after a timeframe you specify)
  • Each model has variable timing modes:
    • Manual Daylight Savings: allows you to make adjustments based on the time of year
    • Random: to give the impression that someone is home
    • Multiple on/off: so your lights can go on or off at different times based on the activities during each day of the week
  • Equipped with a battery backup so your settings are saved in the event of a power failure
  • Ideal for use with:
    • Landscape Lights
    • Holiday Lighting
    • Small motors/pumps
  • Meets the following standards:
    • California Title 24
    • ASHRAE 90.1


Part # Code Ratings # of Outlets Type of Plug Cord Length Variable Timing Segments
NSI-611D 125VACm 15A 1875W General Purpose 1 Grounded 5-15R 24" Photocell: ON
Dawn or Timed: OFF
NSI-621D 125VAC, 15A, 1875W Resistive
125VAC, 1000W Tungsten
125VAC, 8A Ballast
2 Grounded 5-15R 18" Multiple ON/OFFs for each day of the week
NSI-631D 125VAC, 1/2HP 2 Grounded 5-15R 18" Photocell: ON
Dawn or Timed: OFF
NSI-655D 125VAC, 5A, 625W Resistive
125VAC, 600W Tungsten
2 Grounded 5-15R n/a Handheld Remote: ON/OFF






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