Programmable Timers, Programmable Thermostats



Intermatic Electronic Seven Day Timer
Energy Saving ProductYou never need to come home to a dark, lonely house once you set up your timers. These time switches will help to save energy which equates to dollars. Program lights, fans, even appliances to come on when you need them.

RobertShaw RS5110, RS5220

RobertShaw® Value Series 5000 Programmable Thermostats
Created to conserve energy and save you money, this programmable thermostat lets you set temperature maximums and minimums so you don't needlessly run up your utility bills.

Robertshaw 9801i2

Robertshaw® 9801i2 Humidity and Temperature Digital Programmable Thermostat
Able to save you up to $150 a year in utility costs, this thermostat conserves energy while controlling both temperature and humidity to keep your environment comfortable at all times.


UPM-DT523 Outdoor Programmable Timer with Photocell
Energy Saving ProductReduce the amount of time lights are used after dark. If your lights are programmed to switch on at 6pm but if the sun does not set until 7pm, the timer will not go on until 7pm.

Belkin Conserve Socket

Belkin Conserve Socket™
Energy Saving ProductDesigned to prevent unnecessary power consumption and extend the life of rechargeable batteries, this energy-saving timer can be set to cut power to any electronic device after a certain amount of time, saving both energy and money.

Tork/NSI outdoor digital timers

600D Series Digital Outdoor Timers
Energy Saving ProductThese digital timers from NSI automatically control your outdoor lighting for fountains, landscaping, and more. With these timers, your lights are turned off or on when scheduled and keep your outdoor areas adequately lit.


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