60Hz Mitigator Test Set

panel of 3230 mitigator tester


1) STATUS: Indicates the current menu being used.
     MODE: Indicates whether the unit is in "Run" or "Stop" mode.
                  "Run" mode allows the display to be continuously updated and acquire new data.
                  "Stop" mode freezes a particular display for viewing and prevents the acquisition of new data.
    FLTR: Indicates the current filter type being used.
    TERM: Indicates the current termination impedance being used.
    BATT: Provides estimate of remaining battery life.
    HOLD: Indicates whether the line hold function is on (H) or off.

2) LCD SCREEN: LCD screen with adjustable viewing angle and backlight.

3) FUNCTION Keys, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5: Each key has variable functions which will be displayed on the screen.
4) HELP Key: For continuous on-line help and instructions within the chosen application.

5) ARROW Keys: Used to move the cursor on the spectral display and the selection bar in the menu. They are also used to select telephone numbers and set the time and date.

6) EXIT Key: Used to exit from a particular function or to go to other menus.

7) FILTER Key: Used to select one of three filters to be used.

60Hz: C-Message (CMSG), 3KHz Flat, 20/F
50Hz: Psophometer (PMSG), 3KHz Flat (C.C.I.T.T.), 1/F, None

8) TERM Key: Used to select which termination impedance is to be used: 600Ω, 900Ω, Bridged (600Ω or 900Ω).

9) HOLD Key: Used to turn the Hold function on or off.

10) TIP, RING, GND Posts: Used to interface the phone line, loop coil or probe wire to the unit.

11) BEEPER/LOUDNESS Control: Used to adjust the beeper volume.

12) RS-232 Port: Used to interface with an optional external serial printer. The port can also be used to install software updates.

13) ON/OFF Switch: A weather-proof switch used to turn the unit on or off.

14) DISPLAY/CONTRAST Control: Used to adjust the viewing angle of the display.

15) CHARGER Jack: A weather-proof jack used to connect the AC Power Pack which will power the unit and also recharge the internal battery. The jack is also used to connect the unit to a cigarette lighter adaptor.

16) CHARGER Light: Illuminates to indicate when the unit is connected to an external power source.


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