How to use your Mitigator Test Set

Noise Mitigation
Mitigator Test Set
By: Keith Brandt
McCarty Associates, Inc Equipment Review


When I first started in the noise reduction business, power influence abatement was referred to as black art largely because the existing test sets were difficult to understand. They were also very big and very expensive.

The Mitigator test set has made this black art a lot less dark. The Mitigator test set is the most user-friendly spectrum analyzer (frequency select volt ohmmeter) on the market today. By connecting tip ring and ground you can breakdown the individual frequencies that make up power influence. The Mitigator allows you to see which harmonics from the power lines are causing the audible circuit noise on our cable pairs.

The next step is to press the analysis button and the Mitigator will give you the most probable causes for the high power influence reading on your cable pairs. Life doesn't get simpler than this.

The loop coil accessory allows you to identify which power line is causing the problem and pinpoints the source of the problem. And for those occasions when you require intervention from the power company in order to resolve a problem, with the touch of a button, decibel measurements are converted into AC volts at the offending harmonics-something the power company engineers can understand. Now, for the first time, the ILEC and the power companies are talking the same language and can work together to troubleshoot and resolve a common problem.

Once you've identified which power line is emitting the offending frequencies, (and if this problem can be solved by proper grounding and bonding techniques) you now know WHERE to ground the cable sheath. Therefore you only have to rework the bonds that are really bad-no more guessing where to bond and ground. The wasted time and effort replacing bonds that are not bad and driving grounds because it sounds like the right thing to do are gone for good.

With a current probe, the Mitigator not only measures the total amount of sheath current, it also measures which individual frequencies that current is composed of. THIS IS THE KEY ELEMENT in solving many induction related problems that can be fixed by strategic cable grounding and proper bonding between the ground locations. If the harmonic (frequency) that is causing noise on your cable pair is not on the cable sheath, you cannot reduce the power influence on your cable pair(s). Equal and opposite currents that are 180 degrees out of phase and at the same frequency, cancel power line induced noise.

If you have test sets to measure cable pair faults and DSL circuits, you should have a test set to insure sheath continuity and proper grounding for human safety, noise reduction and electrical protection. This Mitigator is the best available test set for all the reasons listed above and I never fault locate without it.


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