Occupancy Sensor Switches and Programmable Timers



Intermatic Electronic Seven Day Timer
Energy Saving ProductYou never need to come home to a dark, lonely house once you set up your timers. These time switches will help to save energy which equates to dollars. Program lights, fans, even appliances to come on when you need them.


Decora® Manual ON Occupancy Sensor
Energy Saving Product This sensor detects human motion and responds by keeping incandescent, low voltage and fluorescent lighting ON. The switch features sensitivity adjustments and integral sliding blinders to customize the field of view.

Watt Stopper WS-250

Watt Stopper WS-250 Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor
Ideal for home or office, this wall switch sensor detects motion in areas up to 900 square feet, and saves power by automatically turning lights out when a room is empty.


Leviton Wall Switch PIR Occupancy Sensor
These sensors are attractive devices that will turn lights on and off using passive infrared technology by detecting the heat and movement of the human body. Suitable for any indoor location, these convenient occupancy sensors can adjust to be timed.


Decora® Occupancy Sensor Switch with Night Light
This sensor wall switch with LED night-light is designed for use in any residential or commercial location where safety is a concern and energy savings are desired. Fitting into any standard gangable box, the sensor provides a guide light.

Watt Stopper DW-100

Watt Stopper DW-100 Dual Technology Wall Switch Sensor
Combining the best features of ultrasonic and passive infrared technologies, these sensors are able identify and adjust to usage patterns, maximizing your energy savings.

Lutron Powr Savr Sensro

Lutron Radio Powr Savr™ Wireless Occupancy Sensor
Energy Saving Product Able to sync with up to 10 compatible Lutron wireless controls, this occupancy sensor has 360° motion detection, and runs on a 10-year battery – no hardwiring needed.

Watt Stopper PW-100

Watt Stopper PW-100 Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor
This attractively designed energy-saving sensor uses Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to detect motion, and automatically turns lights off when you leave the room.

Watt Stopper UW-100

Watt Stopper UW-100 Ultrasonic Wall Switch Sensor
Able to sense both ambient light and room occupants, this sensor saves you money by turning the lights on only when there are people in the room, and only if additional light is needed.

Leviton Vizia RF Remote Control, VRCPG-SG

Leviton Vizia RF +™ LCD Display Remote Control
Compatible with just about any manufacturer's Z-Wave® products, so you can have universal wireless control over all of your Z-Wave® certified dimmers, switches, and fan controls.

Lutron MS-OP600M

Lutron® Maestro™ Dimmer with Occupancy Sensor
Perfect for people who love mood lighting but often forget to turn off the lights, this dimmer allows you to customize light levels, and features a sensor that automatically turns lights off when you vacate the room.

Lutron MS-OPS5AM

Lutron® Maestro™ 120V Switch with Occupancy Sensor
Ideal for reducing energy consumption in home and work environments, this light switch features a built-in motion sensor that automatically turns off the lights when a room is completely vacated.



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