Dimmers and Dimmer Switches


Pico Wireless Light Controller

Pico™ Wireless Control
Able to control lighting from up to 30 feet away, this wireless control is able to sync with up to 10 Maestro® wireless controls or Radio Powr Savr™ occupancy sensors.


NewLeviton Vizia +™ Coordinating & Matching Dimmer and Switch Remotes
Designed for 3-Way or multi-location control, these remotes work in conjunction with, are color-coordinated to match, Leviton Vizia+™ switches and dimmers.

Maestro Wireless Dimmer Control

Lutron Maestro Wireless Dimmers & Switches
Used in conjunction with Pico Control and Powr Savr occupancy sensors, these dimmers and switches can be controlled from inside or outside your home, from 30 feet away.

DIVA light dimmer

Lutron® DIVA® Light Dimmers
DIVA® light dimmers by Lutron bring you the high-end look of today's modern lighting without the expensive cost. You can create the perfect effect for each room while enhancing your decor with the DIVA's unique and stylish look.


AmerTac™ Westek® Touch Control Dimmers
Change the amount of emitted light by using a simple touch. The right amount of light is now easier to achieve than ever before, designed to make dimming your lights very easy and affordable.

Leviton Vizia RF Dimmers

NewLeviton Vizia RF+™ Designer Light Dimmers
With 49 possible fade rate combinations and radio frequency (RF) technology that allows for remote operation, these dimmers are ideal for customizing home and office lighting schemes.


AmerTac™ Westek® Screw-In Lamp Socket Dimmer
Possibly the simplest solution for light dimming. A perfect solution which doesn’t involve any cables or switches and gets its functionality from a simple touch to any metal part of a lamp. Eliminates the need for expensive 3-way bulbs.


Leviton Vizia+™ Decora® Digital 600 Watt Incandescent Dimmer
Has an LED locator and brightness display with a clean, sleek look that matches the complete Leviton line of  Vizia+ lighting controls. These commercial-grade controls can also be used for residential dimming applications.


Leviton Vizia+™ 400W/120VAC Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer
Energy Saving Product The elegant looking Vizia™ 400W Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer is part of Leviton’s top of the line decorator series of lighting controls.


AmerTac™ Westek® Slide Dimmers
Designed to make dimming your lights very easy and affordable. Take control of your lighting mood with this practical, affordable solution.


Leviton Vizia+™ 1000W/1000VA Incandescent/Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer
The Vizia™ + 1000W-120VAC Incandescent Dimmer has a designer look that gives a sophisticated modern and beautiful appearance to your home or office.

Lutron MS-OP600M

Lutron® Maestro™ Dimmer with Occupancy Sensor
Perfect for people who love mood lighting but often forget to turn off the lights, this dimmer allows you to customize light levels, and features a sensor that automatically turns lights off when you vacate the room.

Lutron MRF2-3LD-white

Lutron® Maestro™ Wireless Lamp Dimmer
Perfect for customizing lamp brightness to create the perfect ambiance in any room, this plug-in dimmer gives you complete wireless control without the installation hassle of standard dimmers.


AmerTac™ Westek® Foot Control Dimmer
Allows you to have the light switch on the floor for a better look. Fuse protected and designed to withstand the abuse of being on the floor or carpet. The foot control works with 500W halogen or incandescent bulbs for the top quality lighting.


Lutron SKYLARK® Dimmers and Light Switches
The SKYLARK Dimmer and Light Switch Control by Lutron offers an affordable way to have designer lighting without the extreme costs that come with custom lighting. These economical light dimmers help you create the perfect ambiance for your room while saving energy in the process.


Lutron® Maestro™ Dual Dimmers and Light Controls
Energy Saving ProductMaestro™ dual application controls by Lutron eliminate the old style and cluttered look of stacked wall switches by combing 2 separate controls into a single unit.


Lutron® Maestro™ Digital Fade Dimmers
Energy Saving ProductMaestro™ Designer-style Dimmers by Lutron bring advanced features and unsurpassed style and beauty to modern day lighting systems.

maestro ir dimmer switch, mir-600thw

Lutron® Maestro™ IR Dimmers
Energy Saving ProductInnovative microprocessor technology is evident in the Maestro™ IR dimmer. Not only is the dimmer convenient (thanks to its remote control), it also saves energy and extends the life of your lamps. This dimmer is specifically designed to control many different light sources to meet all of your needs.

Vierti light dimmer

Lutron® Vierti™ Single-Touch Light Dimmers
Energy Saving ProductVierti™ light dimmers have a distinctive and highly attractive style that can be customized to fit any décor. With interchangeable LED bars and wallplates, you can change the look of Vierti™ to match your personal style.

Leviton Renu Dimmers color red deliciouos

Leviton® Renu® Series Incandescent Dimmers
Renu dimmers provide the same quality and safety you expect from Leviton in a sleek design. Choose from 20 unique colors to match your décor.



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