Electrical Supplies


The Core of All Modern Operations

Electricity is the driving force behind virtually everything that we do today. Nowadays, nothing is produced or consumed without the use of electricity. In this section you’ll find everything you need for electrical applications, from beginning to end. From outlets, receptacles, switches and plates to conduits, fittings, wires, and fuses; as well as the tools and testing equipment needed to make it all work.

Basic Electrical Safety for the DIY Consumer

Though electricity is a great benefit to our world, it can also be extremely destructive when things go wrong. Here are some basic tips for performing common electrical installation tasks:

  • When installing receptacles, the power to that receptacle should first be cut from the source. Be sure to use the correct wiring (printed on most receptacles) and tighten all connections securely. Strip only what you need, leaving the least copper exposure possible. You do not have to screw the cover in before testing, but always place it on the wall as if you are about to fasten it to the wall.
  • Most electrical codes require GFCI receptacles for wet areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen. These are the areas where electrical safety is most important. If you need to replace these receptacles, always replace them with another GFCI!
  • Never add an extension cord to a power strip or daisy-chain power extensions in any way. This could cause a serious overload and lead to a fire.
  • The curious nature of children can lead to the amazing discovery of a new planet or the very unfortunate discovery of an electrical outlet. If you have small children in your home, take a look at our Child Safety Kit. It contains many products that will allow you to let your children explore safely!
  • Complex structural wiring repairs should NEVER be done by someone without the proper training. Don't risk serious injury, fire, or power outages just to save a few bucks! For professional work, always find a reputable licensed electrical contractor.


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