Economical Long Hook & Loop Ties

Convenient Wraps for Larger Cable Bundles, Hoses and Rolled Tarps

Economical Hook and Loop Ties

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Economical Long Hook & Loop Straps

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these long cable wraps?

  • Greater than average length is ideal for harnessing larger cable or conduit bundles
  • Specially designed hook and loop can be reused over and over again, so there is no waste from cable ties being thrown away
  • Made from strong polyethylene, which gives the ties long life and enables continuous refastening without sacrificing grip
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There are times when regular-sized hook & loop wraps can be a little too short to make it around large cable bundles; this is where longer ties come in handy. Made from sturdy polyethylene, these ties can hold up to 18 lbs while in use, whether you're bundling large quantities of cables, storing hoses, or fastening rolled-up tarps.

  • Through-hole on the head of the tie allows it to loop onto itself for a tight grip
  • Wraps are only 1/2" wide for easy handling
  • Long ties can be cut to shorter lengths or wrapped over themselves for smaller bundles
  • Available in Black and Yellow for easy color-coding
  • Comes in 12", 18", and 24" lengths to fit almost any application


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Part # Length Width Quantity Colors Price
ED-CT-VW-12-5 12" 1/2" 5 Pack Black, Yellow
ED-CT-VW-18-5 18" 1/2" 5 Pack Black, Yellow
ED-CT-VW-24-5 24" 1/2" 5 Pack Black, Yellow
ED-CT-VW-12-25 12" 1/2" 25 Pack Black Temporarily Out of Stock, Yellow
ED-CT-VW-18-25 18" 1/2" 25 Pack Black, Yellow
ED-CT-VW-24-25 24" 1/2" 25 Pack Black, Yellow
ED-CT-VW-12-5 12"L x 1/2"W 5 Pack Black, Yellow 0.02 lb
ED-CT-VW-18-5 18"L x 1/2"W 5 Pack Black, Yellow 0.03 lb
ED-CT-VW-24-5 24"L x 1/2"W 5 Pack Black, Yellow 0.05 lb
ED-CT-VW-12-25 12"L x 1/2"W 25 Pack Black Temporarily Out of Stock, Yellow 0.13 lb
ED-CT-VW-18-25 18"L x 1/2"W 25 Pack Black, Yellow 0.18 lb
ED-CT-VW-24-25 24"L x 1/2"W 25 Pack Black, Yellow 0.26 lb

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