Economical Desk Grommets

A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Control Your Cables or Wire

black round and flexible grommets

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Economical Desk Grommets

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these plastic grommets?

  • Provides a clean and functional way to route and organize cables on your desk
  • Universal black color complements traditional or contemporary decor to satisfy a wide range of design tastes
  • Quick and easy to install; just trace the grommet on your desk, drill the hole, place the grommet in the hole, and start protecting your cables
  • Saves valuable space by containing your cables in the grommet for a clean, uncluttered desk
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Take control of tangled cords with these cost-efficient desk grommets. Available in flexible or round styles, the grommets come in a universal black color to match any desk, entertainment center, or work station, and will help you get organized and reclaim space that had been previously lost to unruly wires.

  • Smooth plastic surface eliminates tears in peripheral cords, saving money on replacement parts
  • Two options available:
    • Flexible – to hold many cables in place without falling through
    • Round – adjustable pass-through hole for fewer cables
  • Ridges on the insert prevent these grommets from spinning or shifting in the hole while in use
  • Manufactured from durable plastic for years of use


  Round Desk Flexible Drawing
Hole Diameter (A) 1.937" [49 mm] 2.375" [60 mm] diagram of grommet
Overall Width (B) 2.375" [60 mm] 2.75" [70 mm]
Grommet Depth (C) 0.9375" [24 mm] 0.75" [19 mm]
Overall Thickness (approx) 0.125" [3 mm] 0.125" [3 mm]
Round Desk Grommet
ED-GR-DG193 1.937" [49 mm] 2.375" [60 mm] 1 Black 0.05 lb
ED-GR-DG193-5 1.937" [49 mm] 2.375" [60 mm] 5 Black 0.25 lb
ED-GR-DG193-10 1.937" [49 mm] 2.375" [60 mm] 10 Black 0.5 lb
ED-GR-DG193-25 1.937" [49 mm] 2.375" [60 mm] 25 Black 1.25 lbs
ED-GR-DG193-50 1.937" [49 mm] 2.375" [60 mm] 50 Black 2.5 lbs
ED-GR-DG193-100 1.937" [49 mm] 2.375" [60 mm] 100 Black 5.0 lbs
Flexible Top Desk Grommet
ED-GR-FG230 2.375" [60 mm] 2.75" [70 mm] 1 Black 0.05 lb
ED-GR-FG230-5 2.375" [60 mm] 2.75" [70 mm] 5 Black 0.25 lb
ED-GR-FG230-10 2.375" [60 mm] 2.75" [70 mm] 10 Black 0.5 lb
ED-GR-FG230-25 2.375" [60 mm] 2.75" [70 mm] 25 Black 1.25 lbs
ED-GR-FG230-50 2.375" [60 mm] 2.75" [70 mm] 50 Black 2.5 lbs
ED-GR-FG230-100 2.375" [60 mm] 2.75" [70 mm] 100 Black 5.0 lbs

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Flexible grommetFlexible Desk Grommets
The Flexible round grommet allows the user to route wires into different directions when reaching the desktop surface. The slits around the edge of the inside of the grommet allow cables to be snuggled into place.


Desk GrommetDesk Grommets
The desk grommet is a product that finds its application in almost every office: cables, wires and cords that originate at telephones, computers and other desk stationed appliances often use your desk platform and edges trying to find their way to the nearest outlet.

Wire Plastic GrommetsRound Desk Grommets
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