Draka® Auto-Flex™ 360 Welding Robot Power Cable

Flexible Cable for Welding Robots and Portable Power Applications

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What's special about this flexible power cable?

  • 600 volt extreme bend radius power cable designed to provide uninterrupted power for welding robots with 360° articulation
  • Soft-drawn, uncoated copper conductor for increased conductivity, flex-life and reduced fatigue and breakage
  • Oil and flame resistant CPE jacket for protection under the harsh conditions of welding environments
  • Paper separator between insulator and conductor for easy stripping
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Draka's® 600V Auto Flex 360 exceeds the bend radius specified by today's most articulate robots. Its oil and flame resistant properties ensure high performance in chemically hazardous environments, and it’s rated for the high-power demands of DC welding.


Due to the fluctuating price of copper, prices change daily
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DR-03242 4 AWG 208 Lbs/1000 ft (309 Kg/Km) Call for price
DR-03243 2 AWG 320 Lbs/1000 ft (476 Kg/Km) Call for price
DR-03244 1 AWG 380 Lbs/1000 ft (565 Kg/Km) Call for price
DR-03245 1/0 AWG 495 Lbs/1000 ft (737 Kg/Km) Call for price
DR-03246 2/0 AWG 595 Lbs/1000 ft (885 Kg/Km) Call for price
DR-03247 3/0 AWG 767 Lbs/1000 ft (1139 Kg/Km) Call for price
DR-03248 4/0 AWG 880 Lbs/1000 ft (1324 Kg/Km) Call for price
  • Bright yellow for safety, as well as easy identification among large bundles of cable
    • Bright Yellow is standard; Auto Flex 360 is available in various other colors
  • Extreme bend radius allows tight coiling for easy storage
  • Rated for use in DC Welding
  • ISO 9001
  • Passes CSA FT-1/FT-5 Flame Tests
  • MSHA Approved (2 AWG and larger)
  • UL 1276
  • Made in the USA USA


DR-03242 4 AWG 1064/34 .455" (11.56 mm) 140 208 Lbs/1000 ft (309 Kg/Km)
DR-03243 2 AWG 1666/34 .540" (13.72 mm) 190 320 Lbs/1000 ft (476 Kg/Km)
DR-03244 1 AWG 2107/34 .600" (15.24 mm) 220 380 Lbs/1000 ft (565 Kg/Km)
DR-03245 1/0 AWG 2646/34 .660" (16.76 mm) 260 495 Lbs/1000 ft (737 Kg/Km)
DR-03246 2/0 AWG 3325/34 .730" (18.54 mm) 300 595 Lbs/1000 ft (885 Kg/Km)
DR-03247 3/0 AWG 4256/34 .800" (20.32 mm) 350 767 Lbs/1000 ft (1139 Kg/Km)
DR-03248 4/0 AWG 5320/34 .870" (22.10 mm) 405 880 Lbs/1000 ft (1324 Kg/Km)


Max Voltage 600V
Rated Application DC Welding
Operating Temperature 194°F (90°C)
Jacket Material CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene)
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year





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