DRAKA Wire & Cable



Draka  Bostcord Power Cord

Draka® Bostcord™ 600V Indoor/Outdoor Extra Heavy Duty Portable Power Cord
Ideal for temporary and mobile use at construction sites and mines, this portable power cable offers extreme flexibility and damage resistance, and has the capability to power tools and machinery in applications rated up to 600V.

Draka Cubond Power Cable

Draka® Cubond™ Moisture Resistant Power Cable
Perfect for use in marine and direct-burial applications as well as high-humidity tropical environments, this power cable features a copolymer shield that locks out chemicals and moisture, and an integrated ground to eliminate the need for manual grounding.

Draka Auto-Flex

Draka® Auto-Flex™ 360 Welding Robot Power Cable
Ideal for welding robots and other high-articulation automated machinery, this flexible power cable is rated to 600 volts, has a flame resistant jacket, and features an extremely small bend radius that allows for tight coiling.

Draka MV-90 Wet & Dry Power Cable

Draka Type MV-90 Industrial 2400V Wet & Dry Power Cable
Ideal for airport lighting and other direct-burial applications up to 2400V, this wet and dry power cable has soft-drawn copper conductors for extra flexibility, and a PVC jacket that resists moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive substances.

Draka All-Temp Industrite Power Cable

Draka All-Temp Industrite Power Cable
Perfect for cranes, milling machines, mining equipment and other industrial power applications up to 2000V, this highly flexible power cable is able to easily bend and twist with machinery, and is resistant to heat, oil and chemicals.

Draka All-Temp Industrite Control Cable

Draka All-Temp Industrite Control Cable
Ideal for use with cranes, motor-driven reels, pond aerators, and other all-weather applications that call for the ultimate in flexibility, these cables offer an extreme bend radius and soft-drawn copper conductors that stand up to constant movement.



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