Power Only Desk Outlets

Pop-up Outlet Mini-Port

From $63.95
The Miniport is the sub-compact series of the Interport family. This work space accessory provides the convenience of power and data distribution within a smaller foot print.

Pop-up Electric Interport

From $68.67
Interport is the first power/data center of its kind. Lift the lid, plug in. Leave open or closed. Slip cords through the holes. Stand alone, or in modular multiples.

Power Distribution System Retractable Power Communication Center

Retractable Power and Communication Center From $52.24
Retractable Power and Communication Center w/ Double Grommet From $82.25
The Retractable Power/Communication Center provides two simplexes to accept standard power cords or AC adapters and provides one modular furniture opening for the installation of voice/data. It allows easy access above the work surface and hides excess cords when retracted below the work surface. Note: Unit cannot be retracted when AC adapters are used.

Power Distribution Block Communication & Power SpherePower Data Spheres® Desk Outlets
Since they are free from moving parts, these power/data centers are ideal for use in schools, libraries, conference rooms, and multimedia labs.


table top microphone

T3-MJ Table Top Microphone Box
From $194.03
The T3-MJ allows you to mount a gooseneck microphone professionally and with a bit of elegance. The small table box comes in 3 finishes: brass, silver, and black, which match just about any décor. The microphone connector accommodates microphones XLR plugs of 1-inch diameter or less.

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