Grommet Style Power Data Center

Retractable Power & Data center

Retractable Power and Communication Center
This pop-up power and communication center is only the diameter of a table grommet, and provides two outlets and data connections on demand.

PowerTap Grommet, GMPT-1

PowerTap Grommet Pop-up Power Data Center
With an 8 foot power cord to reach the nearest wall outlet, this power source installs into your desktop to supply convenient, yet out-of-the-way, power and data connections.

FSR CAT5 Table Top Grommet

FSR T3-MJ RJ45 Table Top Boxes
Designed to provide discreet, convenient data connections right at your fingertips, these drop-in tabletop outlets let you plug laptops directly into your work surface, eliminating cluttered wires and the hazards of cables stretched across conference room walkways.

USB Ports Should Be at Your Fingertips, Not Under Your Desk

USB Hub Grommets - Belkin
These grommets put USB access right into your desktop, eliminating unruly cables and saving you from reaching under your desk to plug in or disconnect.

FSR T3-MJ Table Top Microphone Box

T3-MJ Table Top Microphone Box
This flush-mount tabletop box is recessed into your conference table or podium surface to provide a ready connection for a gooseneck microphone.

FSR T3 Single User Table Boxes

FSR T3 Single User Table Boxes
This unobtrusive power/data box is no bigger than a desk grommet, providing a single user with 2 power outlets and 2 data ports in a 3.25″ diameter.

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