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Many computer and home theater users know the trouble associated with locating a power outlet close enough to a given device. The Desk Outlet is a clever alternative that may simplify the power connections for several nearby pieces of electronics.
At Cable Organizer, we have the largest selection of Desk Outlets on the web. Do you have a conference room table that looks great, but is not providing you with the power and data jacks that you need? Take a look at our Power and Data Centers below that easily install into your table without losing the elegant look of your table.

Many companies use office hotels to maximize the use of space. Our desktop outlets are the perfect way to provide the connections needed while maintaining a neat and organized workspace.


Pop-up Outlet Mini-Port Mini-Port
From $63.95
The Miniport is the sub-compact series of the Interport family. This work space accessory provides the convenience of power and data distribution within a smaller foot print.

Pop-up Electric Interport Interport
From $68.67
Interport is the first power/data center of its kind. Lift the lid, plug in. Leave open or closed. Slip cords through the holes. Stand alone, or in modular multiples.


assemble revealAssemble Reveal
From $136.95
This Power Data Center requires no holes drilled and has no impact on your worksurface, while offering up to 4 ports of power/data. When not in use, the unit can be slid back. Available in two finishes and either a 6ft or 10ft power cord.

Assemble Power and Data Center "Assemble" Power and Data Center
From $104.38
Is an extremely professional and easy way to provide power and data to your table or desktop. The Assemble power / data center installs simply with an edge-mount clamp to the edge of any 3/4" thru 1 3/4" thick table or desktop.


Power Data CenterdeQuorum™ Worksurface Portal (Power Data Center - PDC)
From $144.23
The deQuorum™ power and data center transforms ordinary tables into smart workstations by providing ready access to power, voice, data, or audio/video. The deQuorum™ Worksurface Portal is designed to allow wires and cables to exit the device while the extremely professional Black or Stainless finish cover is closed and flush with the table. Optional "Open System Modules" are available to accept a variety of communications connection outlets.

Power Distribution Block Power Center Edge MountPower Data Center - Edge Mount
Was $143.31  SALE $66.62
The Edge Mount PDC provides two simplexes to accept standard power cords or AC adapters and provides two ports for the installation of voice/data. It is typically attached to the edge of the work surface or table.


Power / Data Distribution Center "MHO" Power / Data Distribution Center
From $123.34
Is a one touch, retractable, power and data cable management center in clear anodized aluminum. The beauty of this power and data cable management unit is unmatched. One touch, and the fluid single door opens or closes with ease. The MHO PDC is a great addition to any executive office to achieve ultimate data / power cable management.

MHO2 Power / Data Distribution Center MHO² Power / Data Distribution Center
From $158.92
Is a one touch, retractable, scalable power or data center in clear anodized aluminum. The MHO² PDC can be closed during use to conceal all connectors and plugs - without any disruption of work. While closed, viewers experience the professional clear anodized aluminum finish of the data / power unit. One touch, and the fluid double door opens or closes with ease.


Power Distribution System Retractable Power Communication Center Retractable Power and Communication Center From $52.24
Retractable Power and Communication Center w/ Double Grommet From $82.25
The Retractable Power/Communication Center provides two simplexes to accept standard power cords or AC adapters and provides one modular furniture opening for the installation of voice/data. It allows easy access above the work surface and hides excess cords when retracted below the work surface. Note: Unit cannot be retracted when AC adapters are used.

Tabletop Interconnect Box Table Buddy™ Tabletop Interconnect Box
Price $264.95
The Table Buddy™ attaches quickly and non-destructively to the edge of a presentation table or desk (up to 1.5" thick) with hand-tightened clamps. The temporary clamp can be removed and the Table Buddy™ can be permanently attached to the tabletop using wood screws. Accessories are available


Pop-up Electric Tilt ‘N Plug Jr Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. - Computer audio video
From $537.08
The Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. offers an attractive and sleek solution for integrating computer, computer video, audio, network, and AC power connections directly into your tabletop or into your home theater system.

Power Distribution Block Communication & Power SphereCommunication Sphere $21.53
Power Sphere $38.01
The Communications Sphere (half) provides two ports for voice/data and will form a complete sphere when combined with the Power Sphere or another Communications sphere. It is used on the work surface for easy accessibility.

Pop-N-Plug Slim desk outlet

Pop-N-Plug Slim - Power distribution system
From $1,188,08
The Altinex Pop-N-Plug Slim Tabletop Interconnect Box contains a variety of multi-media, network, and AC power connections to supply your presentation rooms, boardrooms, and classrooms with the necessary connections. The sleek design allows it to be easily unnoticed until it is needed

Pop N Plug Power and Data Center with Custom Wood Top

Pop 'N Plug Power and Data Center with Custom Wood Top
From $1,839.08
The Pop 'N Plug Power Data Center allows you to save the hole cut-out from your wood table and install it as the top of the Power Data Center. This design allows you to continue to display the original wood grain and finish of your table when the Pop 'N Plug Power Data Center is closed.

Power Distribution System Infostream Multi Channel Raceway

Hellermann Tyton Infostream Multi Channel Raceway and accessories
From $1.53 ea.
Hellermann Tyton’s Infostream non-metallic surface raceway has a unique and patented multi channel design that can house electrical, voice, data, video and fiber optic cabling. Part of the unique design includes 3 internal rails that allow the user to snap in dividers to create up to 4 different channels and also has a cable tie mount to hold cables in the channel if necessary.

Cable Nook Interconnect BoxCable Nook Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box
From $352.63
The Cable Nook is a great way to access fixed connectors right from the tabletop. It also gives you the advantage of being able to store cable ends in a box below the surface of your computer furniture or conference room table. The box is mounted to the table, and the door opens up to expose the connections or cables. When closed, the half circle opening in the door allows for access to several wires and cables while the door is closed.


Belkin concealed surge protector Belkin Concealed Surge Protector
Price $53.99
This innovative solution to cable clutter provides advanced surge protection while keeping you cords hidden. The unique closing cover keeps your plugs and cables out of view so they don't become a distraction to children or pets.

Desktop Outlet Voice Data Adapter KitVoice/Data Adapter Kit and Base Plate
Price $2.99
Don't know what kind of cabling you have? Not to worry! Our Voice/ Data Adapter Kit will accommodate over 15 of the more popular brand names including: Amp, Tyco, Leviton and Grayber®®. Accommodate couplers and jacks of various sizes.

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