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What's special about these cabinet accessories?

  • Multi-functional drawers, shelves and dividers not only organize, but also secure and protect a wide variety of media components
  • Use in conjunction with the Multi-Media Storage Cabinets, and all of your accessories will be preinstalled to your liking before shipment - just unwrap and start using your cabinet
  • Available in 3 powder coat finishes (black, beige, gray) to match or compliment your media enclosure
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Build a secure cabinet that's perfect for you by adding the exact accessories that you want and need. Accessories are pre-installed at the factory, so you won't need to worry about assembly time or labor expenses.


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Please Note: These products ship within 3-5 weeks

DDP-050-00725 CD/DVD Roll-Out Shelf Black, Gray, Beige 26 lbs
DDP-050-00706 Multi-Media Roll-Out Shelf w/ Dividers Black, Gray, Beige 28 lbs
DDP-050-00704 Filing Bin Drawer - 9" Black, Gray, Beige 29 lbs
DDP-050-00720 Hinged Lid w/ Alloy Lock for 9" Bin Drawer (Lockable) Black, Gray, Beige 5 lbs
DDP-050-00701 Plain Shelf Black, Gray, Beige 10.5 lbs
DDP-050-00713 Back Plate & Divider Set (5) Black, Gray, Beige 11 lbs
DDP-050-00707 Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf (200 lb capacity) Black, Gray, Beige 12 lbs
DDP-050-00607 Dividers Only for 050-00713 Divider Kit Black, Gray, Beige 2 lbs
DDP-050-00726 Roll-Out Reference Shelf Black, Gray, Beige 22 lbs
DDP-050-09065 Mail Sort Insert w/ (6) Shelves Black, Gray, Beige 40 lbs
DDP-050-03480 Media Bar Black, Gray, Beige 5 lbs
DDP-138-35230 3480/3490 Pac - 20 Capacity n/a 2 lbs
DDP-138-35225 DLT & LTO Pac - 16 Capacity n/a 3 lbs
DDP-050-00740 Laptop/Notebook Secure 3-Compartment Black, Gray, Beige 22 lbs
DDP-050-00742 Laptop/Notebook Secure 2-Compartment Black, Gray, Beige 21 lbs

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Roll Out Shelves

  • Equipped with heavy-duty glide suspension arms, which allow you to easily pull out the shelf numerous times for many years of service
  • Features front-to-back dividers and flip dividers to customize your shelves for various types of media
    • DLT/SDLT
    • LTO
    • 4MM/DDS
    • 8MM
    • 3480/3490/3590
    • CD/DVD (slim case)
    • CD/DVD (jewel case)
    • DV Cam-Small
    • Mini-DV
    • Audio Cassette


Filing Bin Drawer and Locking Lid

  • Allows filing of letter- and legal-size hanging folders to secure important or confidential documents
  • Includes floating file bars that allow you to hold both letter and legal hanging folders, or two rows of letter folders, in the same drawer
  • Optional locking lid comes complete with an Abloy lock and keys for ultimate security


Plain Shelf & Heavy Duty Shelf

  • Vented fixed shelf provides you with storage for ring binders, end tab file folders or any type of device that can be stored on a shelf
  • Heavy duty version available with a weight capacity of 200 lbs for heavy equipment
  • Back Plate and divider sets provide five (5) inserts for support or pre-determined slots


Roll-Out Reference Shelf

  • Perfect for frequent access to the cabinet and its components; provides a work surface for you to hold files or write on


Mail Sorter Insert

  • Sort and divide mail, documents and other stationery into up to 9 legal-depth slots
  • Comes with six (6) adjustable shelves to create the sorting scheme you desire
  • Includes all hardware, including a label holder, so that you can identify someone's "cubby" or label the materials in that particular slot


Media Bars and Pacs

  • Support specially designed removable pacs for various types of media
  • Fast and easy retrieval: allows user to simply open the cabinet and remove a single cartridge or pac of cartridges
  • Media bars and pacs are sold separated to customize your solution


Laptop/Notebook Compartment

  • Securely stores 2 or 3 laptops/notebooks to protect from damage or theft
  • Available in 2 or 3 compartment widths, depending on the size/length of the device you will be storing
  • Each compartment is complete with its own private lock and keys, and a label holder to identify materials inside


SKU Description Media  Capacity (using 1 type) Space Required Per Drawer Price
DDP-050-00706 Multi-Media Roll-out Shelf DLT/SDLT 78 5"
LTO 93 5"
4MM/DDS 225 3"
8MM 126 3.5"
3480/3490/3590 99 5.5"
CD/DVD (slim case) 390 6"
CD/DVD (jewel case) 195 6"
DV, cam-Small 132 4.5"
Mini-DV 263 3"
Audio Cassette 150 4.5"
DDP-050-00725 CD/DVD Roll-Out Shelf CD/DVD 276 Slim Line 6"
138 Jewel Case
DDP-050-00704 Filing Bin Drawer Hanging files (File bars Included) 2 rows 11"
DDP-050-00720 Locking Lid for Bin Drawer N/A N/A 12"
DDP-050-00701 Plain Shelf Ring Binders/File Folders/Equipment N/A 11" Files
13.5" 3 Ring Binders
DDP-050-00713 Back Plate & (5) Divider Set N/A N/A N/A
DDP-050-00707 Fixed Shelf- Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Equipment 200 lb Capacity 13"
DDP-050-00607 Dividers only- For 050-00713 Divider Kit N/A N/A N/A
DDP-050-00726 Roll-Out Reference Shelf Can be used for work surface N/A 2.5"
DDP-050-09065 Mail Sorter Insert (3 compartments each 10.33"W x 11.31"H x 15.87" D 6 adjustable shelves Provide up to 9 mail/sort slots 13.5"
DDP-050-03480 Media Bars Support specially designed Media Pacs 5 pacs per level (3 rear/2 front) 14" - First Row
13" - Addtl Rows
DDP-138-35225 DLT/LTO Media Pac DLT/LTO 16 N/A
DDP-138-35230 3480/3490 Media 3480-3490 20 N/A
DDP-050-00740 Laptop/Notebook Secure (each compartment 10.25"W x 14.5"D x 4.5"H) Laptop/Notebook Computers 3 5.0"
DDP-050-00742 Laptop/Notebook Secure (each compartment 13"W x 14.5"D x 4.5" H) Laptop/Notebook Computers 2 5.0"






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