Crystal Clear Heat Shrink Tubing

Superb Clarity and Strength

Crystal Clear HST

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Crystal Clear™ Heat Shrink Tubing

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this heat shrink?

  • Constructed of a cross-linked ionic polymer material for superior strength
  • Absolutely clear tubing provides ultimate clarity for visual inspection at any time
  • Lightweight material is easy to work with and can be cut using simple shears or scissors
  • Lined with a hot-melt adhesive to provide a completely waterproof seal
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This Crystal Clear™ heat shrink tubing allows you to seal and protect connections and splices while still maintaining visual clarity. Clear, lightweight tubing is exceptionally strong and can be used for many applications where semi-rigid tubing is needed.

  • Shrinks to a semi-rigid material to protect cables or connections from bending past the bend radius or breaking
  • Wire AWG is printed on the side for easy size ID
  • Exceeds 2.5-to-1 shrink ratio, to contain connectors up to 2 and a half times larger than your cable

Can be used for:

  • Creating cable boots or strain reliefs
  • Covering and protecting bare splices or cable connections
  • Waterproofing connections
  • Shrinking over labels
Material Cross-linked ionic polymer
Shrink Ratio Exceeds 2.5 to 1
Shrink/Recovery Temperature 194° F (90° C)
Continuous Operating Temp -67° F to 257° F (-55° C to 125° C)
Flammability Passed (FMVSS 302 test)
Tensile Strength 4,000 PSI
Longitudinal Change +1/-10% Max
Dielectric Strength 750 V/Mil (30KV/MM)
NSPA-HST394C-6 22-18 AWG 6" 0.260" 0.045" 8
NSPA-HST395C-6 16-14 AWG 6" 0.260" 0.080" 8
NSPA-HST396C-6 12-10 AWG 6" 0.375" 0.100" 8

HydraLink Sealed Multiple Wire Closed End and In-Line Butt ConnectorsHydraLink Sealed Multiple Wire Closed End and In-Line Butt Connectors
Lined with an active adhesive that works to join up to 4 wires, these clear connectors allow you to inspect your work before permanently shrinking them on.

2:1 Standard Heat Shrink Tubing2:1 Standard Heat Shrink Tubing
Capable of shrinking down to half its original diameter, 2:1 protects wires in network, auto, and commercial applications, and is available with adhesive lining.




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