Wall-Mountable Slack Storage Housing


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What's special about this Storage Housing?

Corning Cable System Wall-Mountable Slack Storage Housing (WCH-SSH) is the perfect complement to the Wall-Mountable Connector Housing (WCH). This wall-mount unit is great for storing extra lengths of cable during installation, and keeping it organized and ready-to-go for future cable rearrangement projects. The slack storage unit allows fiber drop-off to be terminated into a wall-mountable connector housing mounted onto its front, and can also be used to splice pigtailed cables when additional splice-capacity is needed.


NOTE: Only Compatible with Corning adapters, enclosures

CN-WCH-SSH-2 Wall-Mountable Slack Storage Housing, accepts up to four 0.2-in-thick (Type 2R) or two 0.4-in (type 4R) splice trays. Accommodates a WCH-02P on its front door. 9.25" H x 13.06" W x 1.95" D 5 lbs
CN-WCH-SSH-4-12 Wall-Mountable Slack Storage Housing, accepts up to eight 0.2-in-thick (Type 2R, 2S or 2M) or four 0.4-in (type 4S, 4R or 4A) splice trays. Accommodates a WCH-04P, WCH-06P or WCH-12P on its front door. 13.5" H x 22.5" W x 1.95" D 5 lbs
  • Compact size, low profile
  • Accommodates a wall-mountable connector housing (WCH)
  • Accommodates a variety of Corning Cable System splice Trays
  • Multiple cable entry holes (top and sides)
  • Includes provisions for strain-relieving optical fiber cables
  • Unit can be rotated on the wall when mounting so the door swings to wither the left or right


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