Standard Cord Protectors


Light-Duty Cord Covers
Budget-friendly light-duty cord covers come in five different color and length options, and reduce tripping hazards by keeping floor cables neatly concealed.


Floor Cord Cover Kit
With a pre-slit cord channel and double-sided tape to keep it in place, our flexible floor cord cover cuts to size with a utility knife, and lets you conceal and affix cables to just about any floor - even an uneven one.


Rubber Ductssale
Rubber Ducts are easy to install in your office or home, and they always lay flat to avoid catching on pedestrians' shoes. Available in black or brown, several models can also withstand vehicle traffic.

Cable Shield Cord Protector, CSX

Cable Shield Cord Covers
Tough PVC construction makes these cord covers far more protective than other light-capacity models, and 4 designer finishes let them blend seamlessly with tile and wood flooring.


Wiremold Plastic Cord Protector
Featuring a slit underside for easy installation, these lightweight and flexible cord covers conceal and protect wires and cords to transform home and office floors into smooth, trip-free surfaces.


Flexiduct Plastic Cord Protector
Not only do Flexiduct cord protectors cover cables to keep floors clear and safe, they're also flexible enough to contour to the shape of your floor, and resist UV radiation, flame, and abrasion.


Floor Cord Cover for Home and Office
Our low-profile rubber dropover cord protectors have a raised diamond texture for maximum traction, and feature interlocking ends that allow you to attach multiple sections end-to-end with minimal movement.

Neoprene Cord Covers

Neoprene Cord Covers
Made of flexible neoprene rubber, these cord covers are super easy to load with cables, and can lay down flat straight from the box – no straightening needed.


ChordSavers™ ChordSaver™ Cord Covers
With a hard PVC body that provides excellent protection against foot traffic, the ChordSaver™ is the only cord cover that can blend seamlessly with wood flooring. Choose from 3 wood grains, 5 solid colors, or a custom-stainable finish.


ChordSavers™ StudioSaver™ Cord Protectors
Designed specifically for use in recording studios and other high-traffic music environments, StudioSaversT are built to organize and protect amp, microphone and instrument cords from pedestrian traffic and rolling equipment cases.

Neoprene Cord Channel

Neoprene Cord Channel
With a completely flexible design, this neoprene cord cover is incredible easy to install, and perfect for routing cables along walls and baseboards or under desks.


ChordSavers™ ClubSaver™ Cord Protector
The ClubSaver's wide body design, non-slip backing and removable PVC cover make it the perfect cord protector for use in recording studios, nightclubs and live-music venues where audio cables need to be kept safe but easily accessible.


ChordSavers™ WallSaver™ Cord Covers
With a decorative design and a wide channel that can accommodate up to eight 1/4" cables, the WallSaver™ may have been made to route wires across the wall, but it looks so beautiful that it's easy to mistake for chair rail molding.

Super Duty Cord Cover

Super Duty Cord Cover
Perfect for garages, warehouses, convention centers and other rough environments that need a little something extra in cable protection, these heavy duty cord covers have a 59-inch length and roomier cable channels, and can be used indoors or out.


SideWinder Cable Protection Systems™
Price for 3ft
Designed to be far more flexible than standard cord covers, this customizable cable protection system can be curved back and forth like a snake to follow winding cable paths or work around obstructions.


Transparent Floor Cord Protector
The perfect floor cord cover for anyone who's ever wanted to spiff up a walkway, patio, home theater, roller rink, or dance floor with lights. Not only does our transparent cord cover protect string lights from being crushed, it also beautifully enhances their glow.

Cord Protector Accessories

contact paper

Self-Adhesive Decorative Con-Tact® Paper
From / 3 Yard Roll
Perfect for customizing cord covers to blend in with wood flooring, this self-stick, wipe-clean decorative paper is available in an attractive cherry grain, and can be cut to any size you need.

economical contact paper

Affordable Self-Adhesive Decorative Contact Paper
Price / 10 Ft. Roll
Perfect for covering cord covers, covering tabletops or lining shelves, this beautiful wood grain contact paper is a money-saving, no-mess alternative to high maintenance, difficult to install wood products.




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