3M Innovation™ Cord Clips with
3M Command adhesive


Be sure to allow sufficient room around the clips to pull the tab and release the adhesive

3m computer wire clips with command adhesive

CAUTION: Intended for cord and wire use only. DO NOT use on delicate or paper wallpaper. May not adhere well to some vinyl wallpapers. DO NOT use for antiques, heirlooms, or other valuable or irreplaceable items. DO NOT hang objects over bed.
NOTE: Apply to surfaces above 50°F (10°C). Adhesive could soften and lose adhesion above 105°F (40°C)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: To what surfaces will Command adhesive stick?
A: Painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, non-vinyl wallpapers and wallboard.

Q: Will Command adhesive stick to brick?
A: No. Command adhesive is intended for mostly smooth surfaces such as those listed above. However, Command adhesive will stick to painted, smooth cinder block (the type found inside many school buildings).

Q: Can I use Command adhesive on fresh paint?
A: Alcohol may remove or dull the surface of fresh paint. Paint should be fully cured (check paint can for manufacturer’s cure time) before using Command adhesive products.

Q: Can I use Command adhesive on wallpaper?
A: You should not use Command adhesive products on delicate or paper wallpaper. It may not adhere well to some vinyl wallpapers.

Q: Can I use Command adhesive on glass windows?
A: It is okay to use Command adhesive if the glass is not exposed to direct sunlight or not flooded with water. For example: Do not use inside or outside on south or west windows. Do not use on glass shower doors where water will flood over the hook.

Q: Can I use Command adhesive on my car windows?
A: No. These products are not for use on the inside or outside of automobile windows due to weather extremes.

Q: Can I use Command adhesive outside in cold climates?
A: You can, but the adhesive should be applied to a clean, smooth, dry surface when the temperature is above 50°F (10°C). If the temperature is below 50°F you can heat the surface with a hair dryer before application.

Q: Can I use Command adhesive outside in hot climates?
A: Extreme heat conditions and sunlight may cause the adhesive to eventually deteriorate, causing product failure. The adhesive could soften and lose adhesion above 105°F (40°C).

Q: Can I use Command adhesive in my car?
A: Because the adhesive could soften and lose adhesion above 105°F (40°C), we don’t recommend using it in your car. In addition, vinyl dashboards and door panels contain high amounts of plasticizers to maintain flexibility, and this makes adhesion to these surfaces difficult.

Q: What are some possible uses for Command adhesive?
A: Hooks are perfect for closets, lockers, offices kitchens, laundry rooms, mud rooms, kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, baths, boats and campers. Each package of hooks comes with extra strips so the hooks can be reused or repositioned. Extra strips are great for posters in kids’ rooms. As their tastes change, so can their room décor. The strips are useful for mounting a variety of lightweight items around the home. For example, use them to hold a tissue box under the cabinet, a calendar in your office or decorations for a child’s birthday party.
Spring clips are an efficient way to organize receipts in your office, photos on your computer or children’s artwork on your refrigerator.

Q: What happens if I pull too hard and the strip breaks?
A: No need to panic. Simply heat up the base plate with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. Then use dental floss to gently cut through the foam to remove the hook or hanger from the surface. Stretch or peel off the remaining adhesive.

Q: Why do I have to wait an hour before using the product?
A: The one-hour wait ensures that the adhesive has had enough time to build strong adhesion to the wall or surface.

Q: Why can’t I clean the surface with a household cleaner?
A: Many household cleaners leave behind a very thin layer of residue that affects how strongly the adhesive will bond to the surface.

Q: Can I use more than one hook if I want to hang an item that’s heavier than the weight listed on the package?
A: No. We don’t recommend it.

Q: Is there latex in Command adhesive?
A: No. Command™ Adhesive is a synthetic rubber resin and does not contain natural rubber latex.

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Whether you use Hooks, Clips, Hangers, or Strips, these hints can help you get the most out of your mounting products.

  1. It’s a significant anniversary for your parents. To decorate for the party, use Clips and Hooks to put up photos of relatives, hang Mom’s wedding dress and Dad’s tie, memorabilia from their honeymoon, and items related to significant events in the lives of children and grandchildren.
  2. When pulling down the removal tab with your thumb and forefinger, be aware of the angle of your thumb because fingernails may tear the tab.
  3. When preparing for a presentation, use Spring Clips or Poster Strips to display charts or diagrams on the conference room walls. There will be no surface damage when you take them down.
  4. Whether you’re stringing lights or sorting cords, be sure to allow sufficient room around the Clips to pull the tab and release the adhesive.
  5. Do not use household cleaners to clean the surfaces before applying 3M™ Mounting Products with Command™ Adhesive. Cleaners leave behind a very thin layer of residue that affects the adhesive. Clean surface lightly with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and let dry.
  6. When removing products with Command adhesive, be sure to pull the tab slowly. If it breaks, don’t worry. Simply heat up the base plate with a hair dryer. Once the adhesive is softened, use dental floss to cut through the adhesive to remove the hook or clip. Stretch or peel remaining adhesive from the surface.
  7. Hooks with Command adhesive are perfect for hanging decorations from previously hard-to-attach-to surfaces like metal doors, glass block and window moldings.
  8. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your decorating. When you use products with Command adhesive, you won’t be haunted by surface damage from holidays past.
  9. Use Medium Hooks in various colors to color code your family’s keys.
  10. Display your photos to their best advantage. Create a cohesive grouping of objects, not a hodge-podge. Cluster small objects, and hang your pictures at eye level.
  11. Have kids group their posters by theme or style, leaving space between each one to help keep their rooms looking organized.
  12. Spring Clips also come in three fun colors. Try color-coding your message board!
  13. Don’t forget, when you pack away the ornaments and lights, also pack the Hooks and Decorator Clips and use again next year with 3M™ Command™ Adhesive Replacement Strips.
  14. Use Poster Strips to display your holiday cards around an arched entry.
  15. At Halloween, hang wreaths of dead flowers on doors or armless rubber hands or gloves stuffed with paper.
  16. No drilling or hammering required. Large Hooks let you hang up your coat or sweater where it’s convenient for you.
  17. Hang towels and pajamas in the bathroom at just the right height for the changing reach of growing kids. You can with Command adhesive.
  18. If you hang textiles or other materials that can be bleached by sunlight or harmed by overexposure to the elements, products with Command adhesive allow you to change hangings when you want to and not worry about damage to your walls.
  19. You may have held back on decorating because of the surfaces you have to work with. Command adhesive makes it easy to decorate on glass block, plaster, ceramic tile and wood cabinets.
  20. You don’t have an easel stand? Use Hooks to hang up your easel pads. Once your presentation is done, clean up is quick and easy. Bonus: Hooks fit in a briefcase. Easel stands don’t!
  21. Give your college student a bag full of mounting Replacement Strips to use on the walls of their dorm room. You’ll improve the chances of getting your damage deposit back.

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