Flexible Copper Braid Jumper Straps

Easily Bridge Grounding Equipment for Electrical Safety

copper braid jumper strap, 91620

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Flexible Copper Braid Jumper Straps

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these grounding straps?

  • Highly conductive flat metal braided straps give installers greater flexibility when grounding equipment is located in areas that are unsettled, or that don’t quite line up
  • Pure electrolytic copper and tin plated ferrules provide a safe and appropriate contact surface when attaching to equipment or bus bars
  • Flexible copper shunt saves time and money spent on replacing insulators, bushings or other devices that could be damaged from movement in traditional, fixed jumper situations
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Flexible Copper Braided Jumper Straps are commonly used throughout the industry to make connections between adjacent sections of electrical equipment. Braided design provides mechanical flexibility, which helps minimize the transmission of vibration between sections, and can be used to accommodate slight misalignments.

  • Dual mounting holes compensate for slightly longer or shorter distances between devices, for use on numerous applications
  • Features standard mounting holes that are 9/16” NEMA spaced mounting holes
  • 12” long to provide sufficient length for bridging electrical devices, with no excess to clutter or disorganize your installation
  • Perfect for grounding components in seismic environments with the risk of vibration
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


Part # MOR-91620
Length 12" [30.48cm]
Width 1-1/2"
Amp Rating Indoor: 300
Outdoor: 400
Approximate Circular Mils 154,500
Thickness 1/4" [0.635 cm]
Pad Hole Size 1-1/2" x 9/16" [3.81 cm x 1.42 cm]
MOR-91620 Flexible Braid Jumper Strap, 12 inch 0.72 lb

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