Cooper Bussmann Low Peak Time Delay KRP-C Series Fuses

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What's special about these time delay fuses?

  • Time-delay feature allows for a short amount of overload before shutting the circuit down which is tolerable to your equipment and keeps you from replacing fuses unnecessarily
  • Interrupting rating of 300,000 amperes complies with NEC Sections 110-9 and 230-65 which is necessary for today’s large capacity systems
  • O-ring seals maximize pressure build-up during current limiting action and proper functioning which equates to peace of mind
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The Class L fuses with wide range of amp ratings allow for downsize fusing of large Class L fused switches for improved circuit protection. These fuses are made from quality, high grade materials which provide lower Watt loss and operating temperatures, with superior arc quenching during current-limiting action.


CB-KRP-C-1000SP 1000A 10.75"(L) x 2.5" (W) 4.15 lbs DISCONTINUED
CB-KRP-C-1200SP 1200A 10.75"(L) x 2.5" (W) 4.15 lbs DISCONTINUED
CB-KRP-C-1600SP 1600A 10.75"(L) x 3" (W) 5.75 lbs DISCONTINUED
CB-KRP-C-2000SP 2000A 10.75"(L) x 3.5" (W) 8.25 lbs DISCONTINUED
CB-KRP-C-2500SP 2500A 10.75"(L) x 5" (W) 16.05 lbs DISCONTINUED
CB-KRP-C-3000SP 3000A 10.75"(L) x 5" (W) 16.09 lbs DISCONTINUED
CB-KRP-C-4000SP 4000A 10.75"(L) x 5.75" (W) 22.15 lbs DISCONTINUED
CB-KRP-C-601SP 601A 8.63" (L) × 2.5" (W) 3.7 lbs lbs DISCONTINUED
CB-KRP-C-700SP 700A 8.63" (L) × 2.5" (W) 3.7 lbs DISCONTINUED
CB-KRP-C-800SP 800A 8.63in.(L) x 2.5in.(W) 3.8 lbs DISCONTINUED
  • Class L, all-purpose silver element  fuses are ideal for protecting from both overload and short circuit damage when used with high capacity systems such as mains and large feeders
  • The filler, composed of high grade silica-sand speeds up the response time of the fuse to short-circuits by having a quenching effect on the fuse arc
  • 99.9% pure silver fuse element gives this unit a high Class L, all-purpose conductivity, low watt loss and low operating temperature at normal current levels capability
  • Maximizes total clearing I2t fault energy let-through
  • High quality construction of glass melamine and silver-plated end bells afford you peace of mind that your systems are safe
  • Selective coordination ratio of 2:1 prevents electrical shutdowns from extending beyond the failed circuit so your other functions are not also cancelled
  • Time-delay feature has a 4 second minimum before shutting down
  • UL Listed – Special Purpose, Guide JFHR, File E56412
  • CSA Certified – (200,000 AIR), Class 1422-02, File 53787
  • Class L per CSA C22.2, No. 248.10
  • One year warranty


The KRP-C fuses are constructed of:

  • Glass melamine tube with silver-plated end bells and blades
  • High grade silica-sand filler to quench fuse arc
  • O-ring seals to maximize pressure build-up during current-limiting action


Typical Applications:

  • Large Distribution Switchboards
  • Power Panel boards
  • Machinery Disconnects



PART # DIMENSIONS Maximum AC Voltage Maximum DC Voltage Amperage Rating AC Interrupting Ratings DC Interrupting Ratings Fuse Class Time Delay
CB-KRP-C-1000SP 10.75"(L) x 2.5" (W) 600 300 1000A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes
CB-KRP-C-1200SP 10.75"(L) x 2.5" (W) 600 300 1200A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes
CB-KRP-C-1600SP 10.75"(L) x 3" (W) 600 300 1600A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes
CB-KRP-C-2000SP 10.75"(L) x 3.5" (W) 600 300 2000A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes
CB-KRP-C-2500SP 10.75"(L) x 5" (W) 600 300 2500A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes
CB-KRP-C-3000SP 10.75"(L) x 5" (W) 600 300 3000A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes
CB-KRP-C-4000SP 10.75"(L) x 5.75" (W) 600 300 4000A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes
CB-KRP-C-601SP 8.63" (L) × 2.5" (W) 600 300 601A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes
CB-KRP-C-700SP 8.63" (L) × 2.5" (W) 600 300 700A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes
CB-KRP-C-800SP 8.63in.(L) x 2.5in.(W) 600 300 800A 300000 at 600V 100000 at 300V Class L Yes





Time Delays  Match Protection To Need

Circuit trip delays need to be long enough to avoid nuisance tripping caused by harmless transients, yet quick enough to open the circuit when a hazard exists. The constant need to create these more and more specific fuses to match performance is crucial to the life cycle of often costly and vital equipment. 

There are currently four basic categories of trip delays available:

Usually under 100 ms, with most at approximately 15 ms – for very sensitive circuits where low overloads of short duration may be harmful, or where specific high currents definitely should not pass.

Fast Delay
Trips in less than 10 seconds – for circuits and electronic applications where temporary overloads of 200 percent cannot be tolerated for more than a few seconds.

Slow Delay
Trips in 10 to 100 seconds – for most large transformer-coupled loads where brief overloads can be tolerated without damage. Slow delays allow turn-on surges to pass without tripping.

Very Slow Delay
Trips in more than 100 seconds – for protection of wiring where a limited overload will usually not cause damage. For example, some motors have starting current surges lasting for seconds and drawing 600 percent or more of their running current rating. Protectors with very slow delays are the answer for these applications.





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