Cooper Bussmann FNQ Tron® Time Delay Fuses

Safe, Economical Protection From In-Rush Currents

Low Price Guarantee


What's special about these fuses?

  • Excellent choice when protecting your motor control circuits, machine tool transformers and lighting
  • Low cost supplemental protection system for your costly equipment and processes up to 500 V
  • Has the longest time delay of any midget fuses
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ULCSA Approved

A fuse has two main functions: One, to protect your components, equipment and you from risk of fire or electric shock caused by over-currents. Two, they stop a chain reaction from occurring in the main system once a fault has occurred. Fuses can help make your control systems meet the newest UL and NEC codes, such is the case with Cooper Bussmann FNQ Series of fuses. These are midget fuses that are specifically designed transformers and circuits with in-rush currents.


CB-FNQ-15 15A 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 0.015 lb
CB-FNQ-20 20A 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 0.015 lb
CB-FNQ-5 5A 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 0.015 lb

  • Supplemental fuses do not have current-limitating applications and do not have rejection tips
  • Quality construction of a fiber tube and nickel plated brass end caps gives you the peace of mind that it will function as it should, when it should
  • Construction: Fibre Cartridge, Nickel Plated Brass Endcaps
  • UL Rated & CSA Certified
  • One year warranty


Applications Include:

  • Control transformer 480V primary protection
  • Lighting circuit protection
  • Meter circuits


Exact Equivalent To:

  • Ferraz ATQ
  • Littelfuse FLQ
  • Edison MEQ
  • Gould ATQ



PART # DIMENSIONS Maximum AC Voltage Amperage Rating AC Interrupting Ratings Time Delay
CB-FNQ-1 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 1A 10000 at 500V Yes
CB-FNQ-1/2 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 0.5A 10000 at 500V Yes
CB-FNQ-10 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 10A 10000 at 500V Yes
CB-FNQ-15 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 15A 10000 at 500V Yes
CB-FNQ-2 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 2A 10000 at 500V Yes
CB-FNQ-20 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 20A 10000 at 500V Yes
CB-FNQ-3 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 3A 10000 at 500V Yes
CB-FNQ-5 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 5A 10000 at 500V Yes
CB-FNQ-6 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 6A 10000 at 500V Yes
CB-FNQ-8 1.5" (L) x 0.41" (W) 500 8A 10000 at 500V Yes







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