Flexible Conduit 90° Connectors


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What's special about these conduit 90° connectors?

  • GSA approvedSecures flexible metal conduit to enclosures or boxes
  • Easily makes 90° bends during installation
  • Includes Phillips head screw for quick fastening
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Zinc Die Cast 90° fitting with cover used for connecting flexible metal conduit to a box or enclosure. Ball burnished, mirror smooth. Furnished with a 2-way Phillips/Slotted Head screw. Supplied by Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

Note: Please comply with National and Local building and electrical code requirements when installing conduit and accessories for your wiring application.


Flexible Conduit Connectors

Part # Description Dimensions (inches) Box Quantity PRICE
CON-88032191 1/2" Flexible Conduit 90° CONNECTOR 1-5/8 3/8 1-1/16 1/2 .562 15/16 25

per box
CON-88032198 3/4" Flexible Conduit 90° CONNECTOR 1-3/4 1/2 1-1/4 5/8 .812 1-1/2 10

per box
CON-88032204 1" Flexible Conduit 90° CONNECTOR 2-1/8 9/16 1-9/16 3/4 1 2 10

per box
  • Secures flexible metal conduit to enclosures or boxes
  • Easily makes 90° bends during installation
  • Includes Phillips head screw for quick fastening
  • NEMA Standard: FB-1
  • UL Standard: UL-514B
  • UL File Number: E9391
  • CSA File Number: LR39354
  • Federal Specification: A-A-50552
  • UNSPSC: 30211822



EMT ConduitEMT Conduit
From / 100 ft
EMT conduit is unthreaded steel raceway made of galvanized steel. Steel Thinwall EMT conduit is easy to cut and easy to bend - reducing waste and installation time. Metal conduit is non-combustible and easily adaptable to future wiring changes.
combination coupling Flexible Conduit / EMT Combination Coupling
Zinc Die Cast combination coupling used to join EMT Conduit to Flexible Metal Conduit. Screw-in type for flexible conduit, Compression type for EMT conduit. Supplied by Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

conduit squeeze connectorFlexible Conduit Squeeze Connector
From / box of 10
Zinc Die Cast Flexible Conduit Squeeze Connectors are used to connect flexible metal conduit or armored cable to a box or enclosure.
Greenlee 8600 Conduit CutterGreenlee 8600 Conduit Cutter
The Greenlee 8600 conduit cutter can cut clean and eliminate the need to debur the inside of conduit after it is cut.

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