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Kendall Howard Rack Screws

Rack Screws
Packed in a reusable tin with starter points to ensure easy installation, these screws are cold forged and heat treated to prevent stripping. Black finish.

Kendall Howard Cage Nuts

Cage Nuts
Packed in a reusable tin. Made from forged steel.

Wallmount Hardware Kit

Wall Mount Hardware Kit
Designed to eliminate the need for wood planks or other backing, this all-inclusive hardware kit allows you to safely and easily mount server racks to drywall or metal studs.

PC Security Stand DS-100

Davko Anti Theft PC Security Stand
Davko Anti Theft Security Stand by Kendall Howard is an innovative patent pending product that will secure a small form factor PC and monitor minimizing any chance of loss or damage.

Kendall Howard Spacer Blank

Rack Mount Spacer Blanks
Designed to give a finished look to unused rack spaces, these spacer blanks are made of rugged 14-gauge steel, and can double the strength and rigidity of your rack rails.

rack helper, Kendall Howard 1924-1-001-02

Rack Helper
Designed to act like a second pair of hands when you're installing heavy rackmount equipment, the Rack Helper fully supports electronics while you attach them to oa server rack, so you can safely work alone, without an assistant.

Fan Assembly Kit

Kendall Howard - Fan Assembly Kit
Perfect for everything from server enclosures to DVR lockboxes, these fan kits help keep equipment cool, and free you from the constraints of pre-configured fan panels - they're individual, so just order exactly what you need.

Triple Fan Panel

Triple Fan Panel
Able to move 315 cubic feet of hot air per minute, this 3-fan panel quietly and efficiently cools server equipment, and runs on just one plug to free up receptacles on your PDU.

application of cpu holder

Kendall Howard Adjustable CPU Holder
This secure computer holder raises your tower off the ground to prevent damage from a number of sources.

Kendall Howard Lan Station Power Strip

Kendall Howard 48" Lan Station Power Strip
Impressively engineered power strip delivers high-quality performance and security with the industry’s highest level of surge protection at 1,060 Joules, 400 volt clamping and a 15 AMP circuit breaker.



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