Ties, Wraps, & Clips for Cabinets, Racks, Enclosures


Kendall Howard Cable Manager

Universal Cable Minder
The Kendall Howard rack mounted Universal Wire Minder is made from .090 steel for strength and durability and its’ adaptive design allows it to be mounted in seven different positions, based on what best fits your racking needs.

plastic cable hoops

Plastics Cable Hoops
These plastic cable hoops provide easy cable bundle management and are made from fire-retardant SR5 polypropylene.

Cable Ties

Cable Ties
From / 100 per pack
Made of durable Nylon 6/6, these general-use cable ties let you efficiently and inexpensively bundle cords, and are available in 15 colors.

cable management rings, SB563242FB

Cable Management Rings
Built to securely bundle cables while allowing for easy additions and removals, these cable management rings screw into server racks, enclosures and telecom backboards for convenient location near patch panels and servers.

cable clips, clamps

Cable Clips, Saddles, Clamps
Clamps, clips and twist locks are a great way to help protect, control, and organize all of the wires and even hoses throughout your enclosure and everywhere else

Spiral Wrap

Spiral Wrap
From / per foot
Our spiral-cut wrap is perfect for organizing multiple cables into bundles while protecting them from abrasion and chewing pets.


Standard Mille-Tie
From / 100 per pack
Made up 33 flexible “cells” instead of one continuous strap, a Mille-Tie cannot be over-tightened, and often allows for several “ties” from a single strip.

wire loom, corrugated tubing

Wire Loom
General purpose, flame retardant, reflective, bulk wire loom, installation tools.

colored flexo pet

Braided Sleeving
General purpose, fiberglass sleeving, side-entry sleeving, Bentley Harris, abrasion resistant, high temperature sleeving.



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