NSPA Compact Heat Torches

A Torch for Anything and Anywhere: Crafts, Solder, or De-Solder


Heat Torch

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NSPA Compact Heat Torches

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these hand held soldering torches?

  • Self igniting to avoid accidents caused by external flame sources
  • Emits a large flame for industrial jobs that require a heavy duty sized flame
  • Produces a windproof flame for use outdoors or in breezy environments
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Whether you are using these torches for cooking, heat shrinking or melting solder they are the perfect tool for any job. Light weight, easy to store, with over 2 hours of continuous flame, they are a perfect addition to any household or industry tool box.

  • Refillable with butane for your convenience
  • Hand held or can be converted into table top stand for jobs that require both hands
  • Brass body covered with a protective coat to maintain a secure grip in slippery conditions
  • Removable base for storage in compact spaces
  • Highly versatile for use on multiple applications including:
    • Heat shrink
    • Soldering
    • Hobbies
    • Cooking
    • Crafts
Part # NSPA-T-MTC-58 NSPA-T-MTC-55
Maximum Temp. 2500°F (1300°C) 2600°F (1350°C)
Operating Time 220 minutes of continuous use 120 minutes of continuous use
Windproof Flame Yes Yes
NSPA-T-MTC-58 Mega Torch w/o Butane 2600°F 120 DISCONTINUED
NSPA-T-MTC-55 Professional Torch w/o Butane 2500°F 120 DISCONTINUED


2:1 Shrink Tubing, 3:1 Shrink Tubing, 4:1 shrink Tubing

Solder-It Pro Torch 200Solder-It PRO-TORCH 200
Solder-It PT-200 Pro Torch has an adjustable high BTU output flame to suite just about any need. The hi-tech polymer body provides you with a sturdy yet lightweight feel and the internal brass and ceramic parts ensure precision operation and long life.


Multilink crimp, solder sealed butt splicesMultilink™ Crimp and Solder Sealed Butt Splices & Terminal Kits
MultiLink Crimp and Solder Sealed Butt Splices are crimped for maximum reliability, then soldered for strength and conductivity. Each butt splice has an adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to provide a durable and weatherproof seal.

Heat Shrink breakout bootsHeat Shrink Breakout Boots
Heat shrink transition boots are perfect for creating a waterproof seal on electrical connections. These end caps provide cable terminations with exceptional protection from water, moisture, air, and dirt. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate just about any application.

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