Cicoil® Silicone IDC Ribbon Cable

High Strength, High Temperature, High Quality Ribbon Cable for Any Application

Cicoil Ribon Cable

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Cicoil® Silicon IDC Ribbon Cable

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NOTE: Connectors not included - for assembled cables, please call us at 866-222-0030

RoHS Compliant UL

Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these mechanical cables?

  • High tensile strength ribbon cable maintains integrity under constant flexing, folding, and mechanical movements in temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Resists exposure to steam, salt, oil, and most chemicals, and is completely submersible, enabling use in a wide variety of environments
  • Easily fits into small openings in equipment or walls, making service routing simple and unintrusive
  • Ideal for high-flex mechanical, military, aerospace, and any application that may be subject to extreme conditions
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Cicoil® ribbon cables are built for applications where extreme temperatures, constant mechanical movement, and tight routing spaces are an everyday reality. These cables feature a  one-piece silicone jacket that protects from temperatures up to 500°F, resists chemicals, and is easily routed into any opening, a perfect fit for the rigors of manufacturing, military, and aerospace applications.

  • Compatible with all standard Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC), including Tyco, Amp, Berg, Micro-D, Crimp, and more
  • Sold by the foot to accommodate very specific applications and custom assemblies, and available with or without termination for your convenience
  • Super-flat design makes for space saving storage and easy handling
  • Silicone jacket gives a minimal amount of toxins, making these cables suitable for use in cleanrooms
  • Super-flat construction and fixed conductor spacing provides uniform electrical characteristics for  much more efficient performance than round cables
  • Proudly made in the USA US flag


Property Value
Insulation Resistance 200 megΩ @ 500Vdc
Dielectric Strength 450 volts/mil (17.7KV/mm)
Dielectric Constant 2.8 (nominal)
Temperature Rating (-85°F to 500°F)
-65°C to 260°C
Moisture Rating Submersible
Vacuum Rating 5 x 10^-5 torr
Outgassing 0.24 %TML, 0.02 %CVCM
Radiation 10^7 Roentgens (exposure)
Acid Resistance Good
Ozone Resistance Outstanding
Oil Resistance Good
Flame Resistance Good
Water/Steam Resistance Excellent
Alcohol Resistance Good
Minimum Bend Radius 0.4" (1.016 cm)
Durometer Rating Shore A, 65
Tensile Strength 6.5 Mpa (psi)
Tear Strength 18 kN/m
Safety / Certifications
UL E324413
UL 94
CE Certified
RoHS Compliant
ISO/AS9100 Certified
NASA Outgassing Spec 1124

cross section of ribbon cable
NOTE: Connectors not included - for assembled cables, please call us at 866-222-0030

0.050" Conductor Spacing (English)
CIC-310J101-10 10 0.5" 0.45" 0.2 oz
CIC-310J101-14 14 0.7" 0.65" 0.3 oz
CIC-310J101-16 16 0.8" 0.75" 0.4 oz
CIC-310J101-20 20 1" 0.95" 0.5 oz
CIC-310J101-26 26  1.3" 1.25" 0.6 oz
CIC-310J101-28 28 1.4" 1.35" 0.7 oz
CIC-310J101-30 30 1.5" 1.45" 0.8 oz
CIC-310J101-34 34 1.7" 1.65" 0.9 oz
CIC-310J101-40 40 2" 1.95" 1.0 oz
CIC-310J101-44 44 2.2" 2.15" 1.1 oz
CIC-310J101-50 50 2.5" 2.45" 1.2 oz
CIC-310J101-60 60 3" 2.95" 1.3 oz
CIC-310J101-64 64 3.20" 3.15" 1.4 oz
1mm Conductor Spacing (Metric)
CIC-666K101-10 10 10 mm 9 mm 0.3 oz
CIC-666K101-16 16 16 mm 15 mm 0.4 oz
CIC-666K101-20 20 20 mm 19 mm 0.5 oz
CIC-666K101-26 26 26 mm 25 mm 0.6 oz
CIC-666K101-30 30 30 mm 29 mm 0.7 oz
CIC-666K101-34 34 34 mm 33 mm 0.8 oz
CIC-666K101-40 40 40 mm 39 mm 0.9 oz
CIC-666K101-44 44 44 mm 43 mm 1.0 oz
CIC-666K101-50 50 50 mm 49 mm 1.1 oz
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