Carson Light Duty L-Series Vaults and Enclosures

Easy to Locate in Low-Visibility Areas, Saving You Time and Money

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What's special about this valve box?

  • Installed directly over the valve to mark its location quickly and easily
  • Used to provide access to control valves that need to be covered for security and safety
  • Thermoplastic bodies and covers are made of HDPE, which provides high performance and excellent durability
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Body and Cover

CAR-14191011 Carson 1419-12 Hex Bolt, No Mouse Hole Unit T-Cover Electric Green 21" L x 16" W x 14-1/4" H 9.4 lbs BUY NOW! LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT!

  • Light duty covers are for landscape installation and pedestrian traffic only; they cannot withstand vehicular traffic
  • Light duty valve cover is great for sprinkler system solenoid valves
  • Available in different colors for color coding or to meet codes in your area
  • Standard depth profile suits most commercial jobs, so you can carry this unit to most jobs
  • Snap lid provides easy access to the valves, T-lip lid provides excellent protection from dirt jamming.
  • Lid lift and pipe cut-outs allow you to modify it to your job's specifications.
  • NOTE: These covers are not recommended to be used in asphalt or concrete


dimensions for body of vault


dimensions for flush and t covers


Material Property ASTM Test Method Typical Value *
Type, Class, Category D-1248 III, A, 3
Density, g/cm³ D-1505 0.950 min, not to exceed 0.965
Tensile Strength, at break, psi D-638 3,000 to 4,400
Elongation, at break, % D-638 400
Tensile Impact, ft-lb/in² D-1822 27
Flexural Modulus, psi D-790 120,000 min, not to exceed 240,000
Low Temperature Bitterness, F50, at °C D-746 < -76
Hardness, Shore D D-2240 66
Deflection Temperature, at 66 psi, °F D-648 150° min, not to exceed 200°
Electrical Dielectric Strength, V/mil D-149 400 min, not to exceed 600
Molded Product **
Chemical Resistance D-543 Very Resistant
Water Absorption D-570 Less than 1% weight change
Static Vertical Load Rating
Design Load C857 -A-0.3 300 lb/ft²
Test Load SCTE 600 lb/ft² 3,000lbf

* The values listed for physical property measurements are nominal values only. Certain physical property measurements are subject to variations consistent with the test methods and are within a generally accepted range for such values.
** Test reports available on request.






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