Riser-Gard® Corrugated Conduit

Rugged, Lightweight and Perfect for Riser Applications

Carlon riser guard corrugated tubing

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Riser-Gard Corrugated Conduit

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about riser tubing?

  • Nonmetallic flexible raceway or conduit is used to manage and protect cables in riser applications, so that installations meet or exceed building codes
  • Pull tape can be pre-installed on 1" through 2" diameters to facilitate the threading of cables through the conduit
  • Approved for direct burial applications, to protect your underground cables from degrading in moist environments
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Carlon Riser-Gard Conduit is designed to meet building code NEC 770/800, which works to prevent the spread of hazardous gases or fire between floors of a multi-story building or unit. This corrugated tubing is not only rated to meet building codes but also provides a safe and organized environment for your valuable telecommunications and fiber optic cables.

  • UL 2024 listed for Riser, general purpose and fiber/telecommunication applications, so it's suitable for vertical runs in shafts or between floors
  • Footage is sequentially marked for convenient cutting prior to installation
  • Meets NEC 770 & 800 standards
  • Standard color is orange; other color choices are available with a minimum order of 10,000 ft
  • Storage Temperature: -4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C); Handling: -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)
  • Do not store outside: product is not UV protected


Part # Diameter I.D. Min. Ref. Min. O. D. Max. O. D. Min. Bend Radius Price
CARDE4X1-350 3/4" 0.74 1.025 1.075 6"
CARDF4X1-250 1" 0.98 1.29 1.34 6"
CARDF4X1C-500 0.98 1.29 1.34 6"
CARDG4X1-200 1-1/4" 1.31 1.64 1.69 7"
CARDG4X1C-200 1.31 1.64 1.69 7"
CARDG4X1C-500 1.31 1.64 1.69 7"
CARDH4X1C-150 1-1/2" 1.54 1.88 1.93 8 1/4"
CARDJ4X1C-100 2" 2 2.35 2.4 9 1/2" 


UL Listed to 2024 Test Method Maximum Value  
Maximum Flame Propagation UL 2024 6.0 ft
  • Storage: -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
  • Handling: -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)
  • No UV protection (not suitable for outdoor use)
  • Do NOT store outside
Maximum Air Temperature at 12 ft UL 2024 372° F

Please Note: These products ship within 7-10 Business days
Custom lengths are available in minimum order quantities of 1000ft
Custom Colors: Black, Gray, White, Blue, Yellow, or Red, are available in minimum order quantities of 10,000 ft
Please call for details

CARDE4X1-350 3/4" 350 ft N/A 9 lbs Orange
CARDF4X1-250 1" 250 ft 900 lbs 14 lbs
CARDF4X1C-500 1" 500 ft 900 lbs 14 lbs
CARDG4X1-200 1-1/4" 200 ft N/A 17 lbs
CARDG4X1C-200 1-1/4" 200 ft 900 lbs 17 lbs
CARDG4X1C-500 1-1/4" 500 ft 900 lbs 17 lbs
CARDH4X1C-150 1-1/2" 150 ft 900 lbs 22 lbs
CARDJ4X1C-100 2" 100 FT 900 lbs 26 lbs

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Cantex Female AdapterCarlon Resi-Gard Accessories
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Carlon's accessories and mounting brackets allow you to have flexibility and versatility when doing low voltage wire installations. Each accessory is specially designed to make low voltage installations faster and easier.

Cantex Female AdapterCantex PVC Female Adapter
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Made of durable PVC, these pipe adapters can be threaded or solvent-welded onto copper pipes for a smooth and cost-effective transition from copper to PVC.


Cantex PVC Type Rigid LB Conduit BodyCantex® PVC Type Rigid LB Conduit Body
An ideal entry point through which to pull or feed wires, this corrosion-proof conduit body allows you to create 90° bends in conduit runs, even in tight spaces.

Cantex PVC Junction BoxesCantex® PVC Junction Boxes
Able to be buried or encased in concrete, these junction boxes provide you with a secure place to connect conduit and house wire splices.


FSC Electrical Outlet BoxCantex® PVC Type FSC Electrical Outlet Box
Ideal for use with metallic and non-metallic electrical conduit and sprinkler systems, this outlet box houses wires and provides an opening for splicing, tapping and pulling conductors.

gfci receptaclesGFCI Receptacles
Our Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) will protect you against the risk of electrical shocks or fires that are caused by ground fault currents, which can escape from electrical equipment whose insulation has been damaged.


Greenlee 8600 Conduit CutterGreenlee 8600 Conduit Cutter
The Greenlee 8600 conduit cutter can cut clean and eliminate the need to debur the inside of conduit after it is cut.


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