Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liquidtight 90 Degree Angle Connector

Perfect Fit When Used with the Enviro-Flex® Liquidtight Conduit

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What's special about this connector?

  • Connector is bent at a 90° angle so it can navigate around corners easily while protecting the cables inside it from damage
  • Ideal for use with nonmetallic liquidtight flexible tubing or conduit on one end, and a box opening or threaded female fitting on the other
  • Ideal for threaded fittings and metallic system applications
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UL and CSA

Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liquidtight Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit 90 Degree Angle Connectors offer many advantages when compared to metal conduit. This product affords you total environmental protection when dealing with exposed cable installations, and is ideal for use with control and motor applications, machinery tools, moving machinery, console wire, transformer connections, outdoor lighting, air conditioning, heating systems and computer power distribution. More


CTX-5441000 3/8" Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liquidtight 90° Angle Connector - Gray 0.082 lb
CTX-5441001 1/2" Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liquidtight 90° Angle Connector - Gray 0.098 lb
CTX-5441002 3/4" Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liquidtight 90° Angle Connector - Gray 0.1224 lb
CTX-5441003 1" Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liquidtight 90° Angle Connector - Gray 0.204 lb

The installation of the Enviro-Flex® is cost friendly and safer to work with because there are no sharp, jagged edges, and PVC is lighter. Thanks to the smooth inner bore, it is easier than ever to pull wires through the conduit and connectors. Enviro-Flex® is waterproof, and acid, oil, alkaline and corrosion resistant. This non-conductive, self extinguishing and highly crush, abrasion, and strain resistant connector is perfect with your matching non-conductive flexible liquid tight conduit. The use of PVC carries very little risk except during in the event of a fire, because burning PVC can release toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide and other gases which are injurious to all sensitive skin areas and the breathing function. Skin irritation and coughing may result.

  • Easily makes 90° bends during installation
  • New and Retrofit Applications
  • Made from non-conductive, non-corrosive PVC, so it will not rust, corrode or carry a charge
  • There is a male thread on one end, and a socket end on the other
  • Makes joining PVC to metal or copper conduit possible
  • UL listed, so you are assured of high quality and standards
  • Available in 3/8" to 1” sizes for various jobs
  • CSA Certified
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


PART # CTX-5441000 CTX-5441001 CTX-5441002 CTX-5441003
Sizes 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Standards NEC Article 351 and UL 1660 NEC Article 351 and UL 1660 NEC Article 351 and UL 1660 NEC Article 351 and UL 1660
Constant Maximum Temperature 60° C (140° F) 60° C (140° F) 60° C (140° F) 60° C (140° F)







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