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Cable Turtle

Cable Turtle
Part of the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Collection, the Cable Turtle wraps up excess cable length, and stores it out of sight in its sleek shell.

Cable Winder

Cable Winder
The Cable Winder keeps excess cable length neatly wound and dust – just pop cord into the top slot and twist.

Cord Organizer, ACH-03612

The Core Cord Organizer
From / 3 per pack
This mini cord winder customizes the length of earbud, cellphone, and other gadget cords when they’re in use, and neatly coils them when they aren’t.

Cable Hog

Cord Hog Cable Wrap
Perfect for use with kitchen appliances, computers, and home theater devices, this cable wrap lets you wind up excess cord length to prevent tangling and eliminate unruly cable slack.

Cableyoyo, cable wrap

Mounts onto gadgets, walls or dashboards so you can wind up low voltage earbud, cell phone, and USB cables to exactly the length you need.

Camo Gear Wrapz

Cableyoyo™ POP
Designed to clip onto belts and pockets or stick right onto the backs of cell phones, MP3 players or laptops, this cord winder manages earbud cables, and can be customized with the 10 included pop-art stickers.

Application of CableClip cord wrap

BlueLounge CableClips™ Multi-Purpose Cord Wraps
Price / 6 small per pack
Perfect for managing gadget cords at home, in the office or on the go, these simple and stylish rubberized cable clips have a pinch-free design that grips cables firmly while helping protect them from damaging bends and kinks.

Application of CableDrop cable clips

BlueLounge CableDrop™ Cord Clips
Price / 6 per pack
Perfect for computer workstations and anywhere you keep portable gadgets, these simple and stylish cord clips stick onto smooth surfaces with a self-adhesive backing to grab cables by their connectors, keeping them tangle-free and ready for use.

Cable Fish Winder

Cable Fish
This simple winder is not only great for managing extra-long household cables and window treatment cords, it’s also disguised as a brightly colored fish.

EarPod, HT-EP100

Great for travel, EarPod has an external channel to wind up loose cords, and a felt-lined inner compartment to safely store earbuds when your MP3 player isn’t in use.

Cable Clic Mini and Micro

Micro and Mini Cable Clics
From / 5 per pack
Perfect for managing the cables from chargers, small appliances, and personal electronics, these cord organizers feature jaws that adjust to fit different cable sizes, and are operated by a simple "squeeze and release" locking latch.

Cord Organizer CordPro

CordPro Cord Organizer
Featuring a unique design with 2 separate compartments, the CordPro lets you wind up and store multiple cables without them getting tangled together.

Cable Wrapz

Cable Wrapz™
UV, ozone, and chemical resistant rubber cable wraps have flexible, stretchable design that makes them easy to install, adjust and remove.

wire management

Cable Manager
Price / 2 per pack
Flexible rubber-coated coils lengthen, expand and bend to keep your cables bundled together, and hold their shape no matter how many times you use them.

cord manager

BongoTies™ All Purpose Tie-Wraps
Price / 10 per pack
Perfect for bundling everything from sports equipment to music studio cables, these natural rubber and wood ties can be reused over and over again, and are capable of stretching from 5” to 22” inches.

Wrap n Straps

Wrap N Strap® Cord Organizers
From / 5 per pack
Designed to bundle everything from power cords to chains, these flexible UV and weather-resistant straps secure gently to prevent crushed cables, and are perfect for color-coding and cable ID.

Animal Clips Bamboo the Panda

Animal Clips
ONLY each
Get unruly cables under control while adding some personality and charm to an otherwise dull workspace. Have fun choosing from 30 different animal designs!

Write On Gear Wrapz

Write On Gear Wrapz
Price / 10 per pack
Unique stretchable rubber Gear Wrapz feature write-on areas that let you label cable bundles by hand with nothing more than a permanent marker.

Gear Strapz

Gear Strapz
From / 25ft per pack
These cut-to-length, claspable Gear Strapz are weather and ozone-resistant, and reliably secure cable bundles, toolboxes and cables during transport.

Camo Gear Wrapz

Camo Gear Wrapz™
From / 4 per bag
Noiseless, quick-release camouflage wraps are perfect for bundling anything from military and hunting equipment to extension cords and cables.

Desktop Cable Access Point

Desktop Cable Access Point
Perfect for hotels and offices, these pull-through hubs hold disconnected Ethernet cables right on the desktop, so you won't have to fumble to find them before you hook up.

Cababo Frog Design Box Winder

Cababo Frog Design
Was $5.99
This fun, wide-eyed, and cartoonish frog brings a splash of humor to your desk while keeping extra-long USB cables organized and wound to the perfect length.


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