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Spiral Wrap

Spiral Wrap

Spiral Wrap
From / per foot
Our spiral-cut wrap is perfect for organizing multiple cables into bundles while protecting them from abrasion and chewing pets.

Pan-Wrap Split Harness

Panduit Pan-Wrap™ Split Harness Wrap and Tool
From / 100 FT
Designed to be smaller and more flexible than wire duct, this highly bendable harness wrap features a patented slot pattern that allows you to break cables out from the rest of the bundle wherever needed.

high density spiral wrap

Pro-Tec-To® High Density Spiral Wrap
From / 100 ft.
Perfect for automated machinery, farming equipment and even oil rigging, this protective spiral wrap protects hoses and cables from crushing, chemicals and abrasion, to cut down on maintenance frequency and component replacement.

Spiral Wrap glow in dark

NightGlow Luminescent Spiral Wrap
From / 66 FT
Perfect for everything from industrial settings to home garages and camping trips, this glow-in-the-dark spiral wrap protects cables and hoses from abrasion and other damage while glowing for up to 8 hours when left in the dark.

FRAS Spiral Wrap

Fire Resistant Anti-Static Spiral Wrap
From / 66 FT
Perfect for protecting cables and hoses in underground mining, welding, drilling and manufacturing applications, this anti-static wrap is made of low-resistivity material to prevent charge buildup and spark discharge, and resists ignition in the presence of fire.

Cable Wrap

Cable Snake

Cable Sash
Cable Sashes create sleek, fabric-covered cable bundles that reduce accidents, eliminate tangling, look neat and organized, and resist abrasion.

Bentley Harris Roundit

Bentley Harris® Roundit® 2000
From / foot
With a self-wrapping design that's heat-treated to retain its shape, Roundit® 2000 slips over cables and hoses via its lateral slit to protect against damage-causing liquids and sharp edges.

PET wrap

PET Wrap
From per foot
PET Wrap Flame Retardant®
From per foot
This side-split woven sleeving makes it easy to both install and rework cables whenever changes are needed. Temperature resistant PET monofilament retains its flexibility even in extreme high and low temps.

fire rated hose wrap

WeldWrap Fiberglass Welding Hose Covers
From / 50 FT
This fiberglass sleeving is built for welding and other industrial applications. Use it in any high heat, high abrasion environment.

wire loom, corrugated tubing

Wire Loom
General purpose, flame retardant, reflective, bulk wire loom, installation tools.


Cord Coverup Silk Cord covers
This flexible coil wraps easily around any number of cables and cords to keep them safely and neatly tucked away. Unwrapping is just as easy and done in no time.

colored flexo pet

Braided Sleeving
General purpose, fiberglass sleeving, side-entry sleeving, Bentley Harris, abrasion resistant, high temperature sleeving.

Child Safety Kit

CableOrganizer.com Child Safety Kit
A perfect gift for new parents, our child safety kit includes a wide variety of products to protect children from common household dangers.

WeldTec Overcoat TIG Welding Hose Covers

WeldTec Overcoat TIG Welding Hose Covers
Designed for welding hoses but perfect for protecting any type of hose or cable, these heavy duty leather hose wraps serve as a tough yet flexible shield against sparks, flame, and extreme high temperatures.

pet safety kit 1

CableOrganizer.com Pet Safety Kit
Protecting your four legged friends from chewing on cords or wires is easy with the products found in this Pet Safety Kit.

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