Cable Tray - Features and Benefits


layout of cable trays Straight Section Heavy-duty reducer Straight Section 4-Way Junction Straight Section L - Junction Straight Section T - Junction cable tray elevation change, drop


Cable-Mgr. requires only one tool for installation, a ratchet and 1/2" socket. Connecting hardware is supplied with tray. Modularity of tray sections provides easy layout changes, and easily adapts to building layouts.


Underwriters Laboratory certified cable tray. Each section of tray is labeled with the U.L. trademark, control number, statement stating product is UL Classified (Only CM20) as an equipment ground conductor, and NEC required total cross-sectional area of the grounding members without the need for additional splices of hardware.


Pre-fabricated junctions eliminate the need of cutting and bending. Ready-made 4 way "T" and "L" junctions. Junctions are manufactured in a controlled environment and conform to EIA/TIA and BICSI standards for bend radiuses.


A waterfall allows the cables (wether network or fiber optic) to safely exit the cable tray system to the necessary point.

 Labor Savings:

Pre-fabricated junctions reduce labor by approximately 50%. No need for special cutters or bending tools. Our patent pending design eliminates the need for additional grounding straps and connecting hardware.

 Tray Lengths:

Cable-Mgr. offers 5 standard lengths of 1, 2, 5, 8 and 10 feet. In circumstances where you might need a few inches we make an adjustable loop which can span up to 12 inches. All of Cable-Mgrs. Cable Trays are measured in inches and not based on the metric system.

 Material and Finish:

Cable Mgr. is powder coated .110", .187", and .250" diameter steel wire, suitable for outdoors and available in 5 standard colors, safety yellow, white, chrome orange for fiber, and black, safety yellow is standard. Custom colors are available and require additional lead time. Powder coating also provides a smooth burr free surface to eliminate nicking of cable jackets, also minimizes corrosion. The different tray wire diameters provide the customer the option to choose the structural strength product for their application.

Each tray has multiple connection areas that are tin plated to provide the electrical continuous grounding capability. Custom colors and sizes are available.

 Fiber Tray:

Cable-Mgr. 's CM10 product line with its 2x2 inch grid pattern was designed especially for fiber optics and as tray separator. The smaller grid pattern verses the standard 2x4 minimizes cable sag to insure optimum performance.

 Installation Hardware:

Mounting hardware is available for wall, trapeze, center support, and raised floor applications.


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