OEL RR250 Multiple Reel Trailer

Haul and Carry Up to 10,000 lbs of Cable Reels


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What's special about this trailer?

  • Single person operation allows for autonomy on the job - easy to operate trailer. Simply align your truck and attach the hitch
  • Trailer has two hydraulic pumps for uneven or rough terrain reel adjustment which means one pump can be set to one height while the other is at a different setting to compensate for the grading
  • This trailer rides close to the ground so there is no risk of tipping over
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The OEL RR250 is a multiple reel trailer that can carry two reels at a time, each weighing up to 5,000 pounds. The heavy duty 250 has a hydraulic system enabling it to perform even in rough or uneven terrain. More


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OEL-RR250-6 OEL Multiple Reel Cable Trailer 6 Pole Pintle Hitch Black, Yellow, White 5,000 lbs per Reel 3,100 lbs DISCONTINUED
OEL-RR250-7 OEL Multiple Reel Cable Trailer 7 Pole Pintle Hitch Black, Yellow, White 5,000 lbs per Reel 3,100 lbs DISCONTINUED
OEL-RTB OEL Reel Tension Brake -   - Call for availability and pricing
OEL-12VHP OEL 12 Volt Hydraulic Pump with battery to lift the reels -   - Call for availability and pricing

The OEL-RR250 Multiple Reel Cable Trailer is one of the industry top sellers for good reason; it is durable, reliable and comes with a 5 year/ 10,000 mile warranty.

  • Hydraulic pumps allow one man to lift the reel off the ground onto the trailer
  • Dexter Nev-R-Lube Axle is pre-lubricated from the factory eliminating the need for adding lubricant
  • Hydraulics are preferred to gas or battery power because you can control the pressure in the hydraulic by hand, and you are never left without power
  • Excellent for utility applications
  • Available in three colors: black, yellow or white
  • Choose between 6 or 7 pole electrical connector
  • Comes in Pintle Hitch
  • 5 years/ 10,000 mile warranty
  • Made in the USA


Standard equipment includes:

  • Two manual hydraulic pumps
  • Bolted on drop-leg jack
  • 12 volt electric brakes
  • Breakaway kit
  • 6 or 7 pole electrical connector
  • Safety chains


Reel Diameter 125"
Reel Width / Area 62"
Payload Weight 5,000 lbs per Reel
Overall Weight 26 feet
Overall Width 102"
Weight 3,100 lbs
Tires 235-85R-16 (G-14 PLY)





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