Basic Plastic Cable Raceways for The Home

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SRLC500SR-5FT Latching Raceway

1-Piece Latching Raceways
From / per 5 ft
A functional, affordable, attractive solution for wire enclosure in commercial, industrial, and residential environments. Cover easily swings open to change cabling.

SR2900-5FT Wiremold Raceway

Wiremold Hinged Raceways
From / per 5 ft
These Plastic Wiremold raceways routes and protects unshielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair, coaxial, fiber optic, and other cables. Unique flip-open design makes cable access and re-routing a breeze.

DL-7301 Cord Channel

Cord and Wire Channel Kit Accessories
Made of self-extinguishing PVC and available in 5' sections, each section has a rounded outside and double-sided tape along the back of the section. Accessories available.

Economical Latching Raceways

Economical Latching Raceways
From / per 59 in
Perfect for home theater, office, and everywhere in between, this economical hinged plastic raceway gives you all of the cable routing and concealing benefits of brand-name raceway, but at a fraction of the price.

SRCD1075-W5FT Corner Duct

Corner Duct Raceways and Fittings
Triangular corner raceway blends into wall/ceiling junctions to provide a clean, finished appearance, use as crown moulding in home theater applications. Snap on cover allows for easy and speedy installation and cable re-entry.

Raceway on-a-roll, fwf-255

Premiere Raceway On-A-Roll™
From / per 50 ft
Premiere Raceway Products’ Raceway On-A-Roll™ is a unique rigid PVC cable management product. This surface raceway folds into a rigid channel that can be used for concealing and managing cables and wires of all types. The low profile design and adhesive backing only serve to make it easier to work with and install.

SRLC375-KIT Wire Kit

Wire Management Kit Sale!
A complete system for your home or workshop application to hold, guide, and protect extension cords and wires. It comes with pre-applied self-adhesive tape for easy and speedy installation

MT-00207 Locking Channel

Locking Channel
From / per 4 ft
Enclose your wires with a locking latch mechanism that allows you to easily install and access cables. Self-adhesive tape on the back of the wire channel adheres either vertically or horizontally.

Wire Trak Raceway Roll

Wire Trak™ Raceway Roll
From / per 50 ft
Designed to work just like standard latching surface raceway but ship and store without the hassle and wasted space, this rolled raceway automatically goes from coiled to assembled as you pull it from the box.

Hook Channel Raceways

Economical Hook Channel Raceways
From / per 59 in
Perfect for running along the back of a desk or underneath a conference table, this self-stick raceway has an open top that lets you simply drop in and pull out cables as needed, without fumbling with a latching cover.

PAN-LDPH3WH6 Raceway

Pan-Way® Hinged Raceways
From / per 6 ft
Top quality protection and wire management for applications such as routing power along perimeter walls. These have a temper resistant design and are available with bend radius control and power rated fittings.

MT-00205 Channel Raceway

J Channel Cable Trunking
From / per 2 ft
An opening at the top of the channel allows easy installation and access to cables. A self-adhesive back can mount vertically or horizontally to hide those computer cables.

SREZ5075-8FT 0.75&quote; Raceway

EZ Hidewire Raceway sale
From / per 8 ft
Our Raceway on a Spool offers the ability to cut to length with a pair of scissors.Super economical solution to organize unsightly wires that come from computer equipment, telephones, desks, etc

WireHider Latching Raceways

WireHider® Latching Duct Raceway System
From / Case of 20 pcs (120 ft)
Featuring a one-piece design that eliminates the need to fumble with separate bases and covers, this flame-retardant raceway comes in 3 sizes to suit any low voltage or data application.

Wirehider raceways

Wirehider® Flexible Tab Surface Raceway
From / pack of 6 Bases (4 ft)
Far easier to install and use than metallic raceways, these cord channels feature flexible tab raceways that are concealed by sturdy covers for a professionally finished appearance.

Electra-Base Baseboard

Electra-Base Baseboard Raceway System
Price / per 8 ft of Baseboard
Designed to install where baseboard molding would usually go, this adhesive-backed cable raceway lets you run power extensions and low voltage cable anywhere along the perimeter of a room while keeping the wiring hidden from view.

Raceway Duct PAN-T70BWH6

PANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway
From / per 6 ft
A non-metallic, multi-channel, surface raceway that can be used to route, protect, and conceal cabling with a rating of up to 600V. Impact resistant material lasts a long time without peeling or corroding.

Panduct Solid Wall PAN-HS15X2-6NM

PANDUIT Panduct® HS Hinged Cover Solid Wall Raceway
From / per 120 ft
A dual hinged cover allows quick and easy access to cables or wires in long cable runs. The channel design fully encloses the wiring to provide maximum protection against environmental conditions.

2 Piece Raceway SRFT375FT-W5FT

2-Piece Flex Tab Raceways
From / per 5 ft
Consists of two pieces, a base with 2 flexible tabs that hold wires in place and a snap-on cover. Make your jobs a one man production and save big on time and labor.

Pan-Way LD3WH6-A

Pan-Way® LD Panduit Raceways
From / per 6 ft
Non-metallic systems are a functional, affordable, attractive solution to enclose wires in commercial, industrial and residential environments. Fill with up to 6 coax, 10 CAT 5 or 16 fiber optic cables.

home theater cable management kit

Home Theater Cable Management Kit
This kit is easily installed by anyone in just a few minutes but gives a great professional look.

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Sometimes you need an ultra-complex raceway system complete with every connection known to man for your new building that rivals the Sears Tower. Most of the time, you just need a basic raceway for your humble home or office.

When we say basic, we mean there are no connections or super-industrial materials. We don’t mean there are no options. Installers love Wire Trak Raceway Roll because it lets you carry up to 100 ft. of durable PVC raceway in an easy to use dispenser. Our J Channel is extremely popular for desks. We have kits for home theaters, offices, baseboards… the list goes on.

If you need assistance making a selection, we’re here for you. Please give us a call at 1-800-222-0030 and we’ll help you put a kit together.

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