Yellow Jacket® Cord Protector with Hiperthane®

These Cable Protectors Outlast All Others - Hiperthane® is the Most Durable Urethane on Earth

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What's special this cord protector?

  • Toughness is due to unique product designs and the use of extremely dense Hiperthane®, the most durable urethane on earth.
  • Higher elongation rating of 530%.
  • Handles high speed truck and bus traffic without breaking.
  • High visibility yellow and black combination is the industry preferred.
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GSA approved

To protect your cables from high abrasion and continuous heavy vehicle traffic, invest in Yellow Jacket® cable protectors with Hiperthane®. Hiperthane® is engineered to a higher standard than our other polyurethane, which means it can withstand heavier loads, higher abrasion and more impact than Yellow Jackets® made of standard polyurethane.



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CPYJ1-300H 1 3" 4" H x 21" W x 36" L 45 lbs DISCONTINUED
CPYJ1-500H 1 5" 6" H x 27" W x 36" L 101 lbs DISCONTINUED
CPYJ3-225H 3 2.25" 3" H x 20" W x 36" L 36 lbs DISCONTINUED
CPYJ3-225WH 3 2.25" 3" H x 27" W x 36" L 54 lbs DISCONTINUED
CPYJ4-125H 4 1.25" 2" H x 18" W x 36" L 28 lbs DISCONTINUED
CPYJ5-125H 5 1.25" 2" H x 19" W x 36" L 30 lbs DISCONTINUED

The Yellow Jacket Hiperthane is your Standard Yellow Jacket Classic setup but manufactured with a superior material called Hiperthane. This material makes the cable protector denser thus allowing it to withstand heavier loads and greater abrasion from whatever traffic is running over it. These cable protectors outlast all others. We consider the Yellow Jacket Hiperthane product to be an Extreme Duty cable protector suitable for high abrasion environments such as the Mining Industry, dry docks, oil fields and military applications. It comes in the safety Yellow and black colors, displays the Ansi trip logo and has a convenient carrying handle on one side.

Designed to the same rugged specifications as our Yellow Jackets®, our cable protectors made with Hiperthane® can withstand heavier traffic flows, higher abrasion and more impact, for longer periods of time.


Yellow Jacket® with Hiperthane®

  • Original dog-bone universal connector locks modular sections firmly together.  If it comes apart, you can snap it right back.
  • Suitable for highly abrasive environments such as mining Industry, dry docks, oil fields and military applications.
  • Withstands heavier loads
  • Resists higher abrasion
  • absorbs more impact
  • 30 % more polyurethane than similar cable protectors – handles years of constant use
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Load bearing exceeds maximum legally allowed axle weight
  • 36” long



Flexible floor cable cover

Peterson Systems International retained an independent testing laboratory to determine flammability classifications of the Yellow Jacket, Bumble Bee, and Hiperthane® cable protectors in accordance with the methods described in Underwriter's Laboratories Safety Standard UL9 4, Section 8.

The results of the Hiperthane® cable protector conformed to the limits allowed by UL 94 V-2 for classifying of this material.

Test method ASTM D 635-98 considers Hiperthane® to be "self-extinguishing" and meets the requirements of Hughes Helicopters, Inc. Specification HMS 17-1159, Rev. C, Class 4, Paragraph 3.1.8 and Table 1 for flammability.

Yellow Jacket Comparison Chart, click here

Max. Load / Axle Operating Temperature Hinge-Pin Material Markings
20,150 lbs at 70° F -40° F to + 120° F Reinforced Fiberglass Per ANSI


Choosing a Polyurethane Product

PART # National Stocking # (NSN)
CPYJ4-125H 5975012536583
CPYJ5-125H 5975015662826





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