Cable and Hose Carrier Systems


IGUS® E08 Series E-Z Chain®
This lightweight and maintenance-free carrier protects and guides hoses and cables on automated machinery, preventing them from breaking, corkscrewing or tangling during normal operation.


IGUS® E2 Medium Series 26 Snap Chain
Made up of a single side link with adjustable loops, the IGUS® SnapChain has revolutionized cable carrier design. Bi-directional flexibility and adjustable loop length make it easy to bundle cables while protecting their bend radius.


IGUS® Triflex® EZ Access
With a smooth tubular design and 360° twisting capability, IGUS® Triflex® EZ carriers guide cables and hoses around and through even the most intricate machinery while preventing them from snagging on machine elements.


Gortrac® Nylatrac™ SP Series: LINK HEIGHT 1.05" (26.67 mm)
Lightweight and non-conductive Nylatrac™ maintains the smooth motion and proper bend radius of air hoses, hydraulic lines, and electrical and ribbon cables that are used in conjunction with automated machinery.


IGUS® E-Chain® Series 15 Zipper
A zipper-like design allows you to easily access cables in this carrier track when maintenance or repairs are called for. Reduces machinery troubleshooting and downtime in manufacturing facilities where time is crucial.


Gortrac® Nylatrac™ KL Series: LINK HEIGHT 2.50" (63.50 mm)
Contains air hoses, hydraulic lines, and cables while maintaining their optimum bend radii over distances of up to 500 feet. Link-style design made of non-conductive, corrosion resistant, fiber-reinforced nylon.


IGUS® E2 Medium 240/250 Series Cable Carriers
Available in 7 different widths (each in your choice of 9 bend radii), the ultra-accessible IGUS® E2 Medium harness makes it easy to fit your automated equipment with cable carriers that meet the application's requirements exactly.


Gortrac® Nylatrac™ KS Series: LINK HEIGHT 1.37" (34.77 mm)
Capable of supporting automated cable and hose runs up to 300 feet in length, fiber-reinforced nylon Gortrac® Nylatrac™ KS carriers are non-conductive, corrosion-resistant, and maintain optimum bend radius.


IGUS® E2 Medium 26 Series Cable Carriers
Based on the classic "end-access" design, but including features like integrated strain relief and a cable-preserving interior, IGUS® E2 26 series cable carriers deliver reliable performance that stands up to today's industrial demands.

application of Robotic dress-out conduit and components

Reiku® Robotic Dress-Out Components and Flexible Conduit
From / 164ft
Custom-designed by a team of specialists to fit your specific piece of machinery, these robotic dress-out systems are available with three different grades of polyamide conduit, each tested to withstand over 15,000,000 repetitive cycles.


Gortrac® Nylatrac™ NP Series: LINK HEIGHT 2" (50.80 mm)
Protect cables and hoses moving at even the highest speeds with Gortrac's® Nylatrac™ NP carriers. A high-strength link-style design limits bend radius, and opens at integrated hinge bars for easy cable access.

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