Ratcheting Cable Cutter



Klein Tools ACSR Ratcheting Cable Cutter
Featuring a unique design that's strong enough to power through multi-strand cables but compact enough to toss into any tool bag, this ergonomic cutter allows for easy blade change, and has a safety lock to prevent accidental cuts.

ratcheting cable cutter

Ratcheting Cable Cutters
The Ratcheting Cable Cutters from Klein Tools grasps cables tight and allow for a clean burr-free cut each time. Each cable cutter comes equipped with quick release blades that open in every cutting position to allow removal of the cable before completion of a cut.

cable cutter

ID-35-056 IDEAL Ratcheting Cable Cutter
Capable of cutting up to 400 KCMIL (MCM) as well as copper and aluminum. With handles that lock for safe storage and are curved for ease of use, this is a well made tool able to make clean, non-distorted cuts. This ratchet is not for use with steel or ACSR cable.

Heavy Duty Cable Cutter

Greenlee Heavy Duty Cable Cutter
Strong lightweight fiberglass handles provide extra strength while cutting. Adjustable pivot bolt provides for blade adjustment. Fits into toolboxes. Rubber grips on ends of handles for comfort and to prevent slippage.

Ratchet Cable Cutter

High Performance Ratchet Cable Cutters
These cable cutters use a two speed mechanism that closes quickly over when tightened around the cable and shifts to normal speed while cutting through the material. Once the cut is made the blades automatically open without having to contend with a rigid release button.

Compact Ratchet Cable Cutter

Greenlee Compact Ratchet Cable Cutter
The Greenlee GL-760 Compact Ratchet Cable Cutter is lightweight and compact. This is the perfect tool for tight spaces. The GL-760 is compact and fits easily onto any tool belt and yet is powerful enough to cut through aluminum and copper cabling from 8AWG to 1000 kcmil.

Greenlee 761 cable cutter

Greenlee Two-Hand Ratchet Cable Cutter
The two handed operation ensures increased leverage and facilitates large cable cutting jobs. The blade is made of heavy duty forged steel and the handles are made of fiberglass with rubber grips to ensure the cutter does not slip.

35-053 cable cutter

IDEAL 35-053 Ratcheting Cable Cutter
Capable of cutting up to 750 KCMIL (MCM) copper and aluminum cable. With handles that lock for storage and curved for ease of use, this well made tool is able to make clean, non-distorted cuts. This ratchet is not for use with steel or ACSR cable.

Economical Ratchet Cable Cutter

Economical Ratcheting Cable Cutter
Designed for ergonomic, single-handed operation, this ratcheting cable cutter cuts safely and easily through copper and aluminum cables up to 750 MCM, but is far more cost-effective than other tools in its class.



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