Byte Brothers Uni-Kit II™ CPU/Memory Kit

700 lb Pull Strength Prevents Manual Removal

Uni-Kit II

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Byte Brothers Uni-Kit II™ CPU/Memory Kit

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this security kit?

  • Secure your computer's CPU and internal components to your workstation to prevent theft
  • Includes two (2) universal twist-proof locking devices which can be mounted to any existing chassis cover screw locations
  • Round bonding plate anchors to the workstation using a Super Bond adhesive with a holding strength of over 700 lbs.
  • Three different key options are available: keyed differently, master keyed, or keyed alike – to suit your specific application
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The Uni-Kit CPU and Memory Kit from Byte Brothers is the perfect solution for protecting your valuable computer equipment and devices. Prevents theft and ensures that your computer is always where you want it to be.

  • 5ft (1.5m) steel cable is threaded through security housings and locked onto the cast metal plate for a dependably secure solution
  • Includes a World Wide Web Registry Tag to aid in the recovery of lost or stolen property
  • Security fasteners can be utilized on the screws that keep your computer's lid shut to prevent theft of internal components
  • Proudly made in the USA USA



  • Two (2) Universal Lock housings
  • One (1) 1.75" (4.45 cm) round plate
  • One (1) bottle of Super Bond adhesive
  • One (1) 5ft. (1.5 m) steel cable
  • One (1) Keyed lock with 2 keys
BYT-09416 6.5" W x 1.75" D x 10" H 0.86 lb Keyed Different
  • Two - Universal lock housings
  • One - 1.75" (4.45 cm) round plate
  • One - Bottle of Super Bond Adhesive
  • One - 5 ft. (1.5 cm) steel cable
  • One - Keyed lock with 2 keys
BYT-09121 6.5" W x 1.75" D x 10" H 0.86 lb Master Keyed
BYT-09122 6.5" W x 1.75" D x 10" H 0.86 lb Keyed Alike
BYT-09416 Uni-Kit II CPU/Memory Kit Keyed Different separate keys for locks
BYT-09121 Uni-Kit II CPU/Memory Kit Master Keyed locks with master key
BYT-09122 Uni-Kit II CPU/Memory Kit Keyed Alike one key for all locks

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