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pcoket network tester, CTX200

Pocket CAT™ RJ45 & Coax Tester
Designed with one-touch button operation and a blue LED results indicator, this tester lets you troubleshoot cables without worrying about breaking a delicate LCD display, and tests for continuity, opens/shorts, reversals and split pairs.

Byte Brothersl RWC1000K

Test Equipment Real World Certifier™ Model RWC1000K
Real World Certifier. 10 MB, 100 MB, Gigabit tester for Cables and LAN devices. Speed tests, cable propagation delay, cable skew, cable typing (Cat 3, 5, 5E, 6), attenuation, cable verification, high accuracy TDR, LAN device tester (advertised and negotiated), Tone Generator/Probe.

Byte Brothers TVR-1000

TVR-1000 LAN Tester & Probe
Designed to complete 7 different tests that would normally require 7 different testing units, this all-in-one LAN tester for 10, 100 and 1000 BaseT LANs lets you quickly locate faulty components while saving time, money and storage space.

Byte Brothers Lok-Kit I

Lok-Kit I
Designed to prevent the theft of computers and peripherals, this simple but effective lock system adheres to plastics and powder-coated surfaces with pre-applied industrial adhesive, and uses a steel cable and padlock to secure equipment.

Byte Brothers Uni-Kit II

Uni-Kit II CPU/Memory Kit
Designed to prevent the theft of your computer's CPU and its internal components, this security kit not only locks your computer tower to your workstation, but also locks the computer chassis over to prevent tampering with memory.

vtx455 cctv camera wizard II

Byte Brothers Camera Wizard II CCTV & IP Camera Tester
Choose this versatile tester to keep your arsenal light without sacrificing functionality.


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