Bud Industries Rack Mount Cabinets & Open Frame Relay Racks  Bud Industries


Open Racks

Aluminum Open Racks - Bud

Aluminum Open Frame Racks 19" and 23"
Available from 24U - 44U Rack Space
These EIA and RoHS-compliant racks are available in 50" and 84" heights, and are pre-tapped for #12-24 mounting hardware on their front and rear flanges.

Steel Frame Open Rack - Bud

Steel Open Frame Relay Rack
Available from 18U - 44U Rack Space
Equipped with a chassis-style base that features supporting angles, this open steel rack is strong enough to support up to 650 lbs of LAN equipment.

Bud Industries Tabletop Realy Racks

Table Top Relay Racks
Available in 12U or 16U
Perfect for small offices and other environments that don’t require a full, freestanding server rack, these relay racks mount right to a desktop or media console to provide between 12U and 16U of space for rack mount equipment.

Cabinets, Server Enclosures

Turn Key Cabinet - Bud Industries

Turn Key Rack Mount Cabinet
Available from 40U - 45U Rack Space
These USA-made turnkey cabinets arrive ready to use, capable of accommodating up to 1200 lbs of server equipment in anywhere from 40U-45U of rack space.

Bud Industries Professional Floor Enclosures

Professional Series Server Enclosures
27U Rack Space
Packed with features and able to support up to 1700 lbs of network equipment, these budget-friendly enclosures give you the versatility and protection of high-end server racks at a fraction of the price.

Bud Wallmount Network Enclosure Emperor Series

Emperor Series Wall Mount Network Enclosure
Available in 12U, 19U or 27U
Ideal for housing equipment that requires extra cooling measures, these enclosures feature pre-installed fans, vented shelves and removable side doors for increased airflow, and come in 12, 19 and 27U sizes.


NEMA 1 Steel Enclosures

NEMA 1 Steel Enclosures
Perfect for indoor/outdoor use as a junction box or storage compartment, these NEMA 1 rated steel enclosures have knockouts on all sides for easy conduit installation, and protect components from solid contaminants.

BUD Industries Casters, RC-7758-PR

Heavy Duty Casters
Available in your choice of hard rubber or nylon construction, these casters support between 200 and 550 lbs, and bolt directly to the bottom of your Bud Industries rack or enclosure for easy equipment mobility.

Bud Industries rack screws

Rack Screws
From per 50 pk
Perfect for mounting servers, switches and patch panels into racks and cabinets, these screws are available in 12-24 and 10-32 styles, feature Phillips-style heads, and are made of strong zinc-plated steel.

Bud Industries exhaust

Exhaust Fans - BUD Industries
Supplied with Finger guard and all mounting hardware, including a 36” power cord. This fan is made shade-pole thermally protected. Operating temperature range is -20° to +60° C.


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