Blazer Products 189-2000 Spitfire Micro Torch

Butane Torch for Home or Industrial Use


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What's special about this torch?

  • Innovative angled head design for use in any direction along with a thin, easy to grasp body for easy handling
  • Unique flame temperature control allows for exact adjustment and control of flame type, length, and strength
  • Portable and lightweight unit can be carried easily in your pocket or tool box
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The 189-2000-CR, also known as the Blazer Spitfire, is a small, yet powerful home-use butane torch. The Spitfire has an ignition trigger mounted child resistant level to provide extra safety and peace of mind. This torch meets all of your table top lighter and do-it-yourself torch needs with its unique needs. The top mounted control switch makes it possible for a quick change in flame intensity, from 2500° F butane blue to a standard yellow flame.


Limited Quantities

BP-189-2000-CR Blazer Products Spitfire Micro Torch DISCONTINUED

NOTE: Torches ship without butane. Fluid sold separately, or filled with any standard butane refill canister.

  • Refillable using Blazer's 150g butane canister (sold separately)
  • Thanks to its slim body style this torch fits easily anywhere.
  • Varied flame levels between standard yellow and powerful blue flame
  • State of the art engineering and government safety testing assures you are purchasing a quality product that will meet or exceed your expectations
  • One year manufacturer warranty
ignition for Spitfire
Ignition trigger for Spitfire

Ideal for use in:

  • Jewelry creation
  • Culinary
  • Hobbies, crafts
  • Electronic repairs
  • Wood working
  • Plumbing
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Optical repair
  • First aid and survival kits
  • Outdoor use
Dimensions 6" high x 3" wide
Weight 5-1/2 oz
Burn Time Approximately 30 min (continuous)
Flame Range 1/2" to 3"
Maximum Flame Temperature 2,500° F
Gas Capacity 8 grams






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