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SOHO Tester

SOHO Tester
This all-in-one tester allows you to service home and small offices that use a mix of copper and coax cabling. Designed exclusively for low-voltage types of cable, the SOHO Tester tests for shorts, opens, miswires, reversals, and split pairs in any of its test modes as well as identifies and verifies cable TV, telephone, audio, and 8-wire network cabling with the touch of a button.

Black Box Fiber Tester & Pocket Opto Source

Pocket Fiber Tester & Pocket Opto Source
Compact and portable units test simplex, duplex, bundled and multimode fiber optic cables for continuity both before and after they’ve been installed.

Black Box Multimode Test Sets

Multimode Test Sets
Precisely pinpoint power losses in fiber optic LANs with these 55dB-range test sets. Available in 850-nm and 850/1300-nm models to suit any fiber installation job.

Black Box Dual Laser Light Source

Dual Laser Light Source
Accurately measure power loss and pinpoint problems in your fiber optic LAN with this ST, SC, and FC-compatible 1310/1550nm dual laser light source.

Black Box F3X

F3X Fiber Fault Finder
This state of the art fault finder truly solves all the difficulties previously had by installers and IT technicians. Whether it is testing a cable run in the wall or an entire info structure, the F3X allows you to test for poor signal, bend or breaks before you spend money on a service call technician.

Black Box Single Mode Test Kit

Single Mode Test Kit
Measures power loss in passive optical components with a visible red laser light source, and stores up to 999 readings for later uploading and viewing on a computer.

Black Box Singlemode & Multimode Test Kit

Singlemode & Multimode Test Kit
Get instantaneous power loss measurements for all types of fiber optic cable with this test kit that includes a power meter, 4 different light sources, and more


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