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Black Box Adapter Panels

Fiber Optic Adapter Panels
Designed with high-retention sleeves to protect and assure proper cable functions, these adapter panels patch optical fibers to the enclosure of your choice.

HD fiber optic adapter panels

High Density Fiber Panel Adapter Panels
Designed to snap into wallmount and rackmount fiber cabinets and shelves, these anels make it easy to patch fiber optic cables to termination enclosures.

Black Box Fiber Optic Splice Tray, JPM440A

Fiber Optic Splice Tray
These splice trays install inside enclosures to provide a safe and clean environment for delicate single-mode or multimode spliced fibers.

Black Box Economy Fiber Optic Patch Panels

Economy Fiber Optic Patch Panels
Designed to provide anywhere from 16 to 24 adapter slots within only 1U of rack space, these patch panels allow you to interchange the included fiber adapters for Cat5 or Cat6 jacks for a totally customized solution.

Black Box GigaTrue Cat6 Patch Panel

GigaTrue Cat6 Patch Panels
With rolled-edge construction that prevents the panels from flexing during terminations, these patch panels are ETL test and verified for channel-level performance.

Black Box GigaBase Cat5e Patch Panels

GigaBase Cat5e Patch Panels
Designed for 350 MHz performance, these Cat5e patch panels are available in 48 or 96-port sizes for connecting LANs and other communications systems.

black box preloaded fiber panel

LC Rackmount Preloaded Fiber Panels
Preloaded with snap-in high-ensity adapter panels, these enclosures provide you with full access to front and rear connections for easy maintenance.

Cat6 Patch Panel

Cat6 Feed-Through Patch Panels
From (24 Ports & 48 Ports)
A feed-through design lets you patch cables to these panels without time- consuming punchdown terminations – just plug into the RJ45 ports and you’re connected.

Angled Patch Panel

SpaceGAIN Angled Port Patch Panels
Designed so that their ports tilt downward at a 45° angle, these patch panels relieve attenuation-causing cable strain that can result from the weight of patch cords, and promote passive airflow for proper cooling.

Black Box SpaceGAIN High-Density Feed-Through Patch Panels

SpaceGAIN High-Density Feed Through Patch Panels
Designed to save space in even the tightest enclosures, these high-density patch panels pack 48 ports into a single rack space, and prevent cable interference with opposite-facing top and bottom rows.


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