Black Box Pocket Fiber Tester & Pocket Opto Source

Accurate and Inexpensive Fiber Testing with a Light source

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What's special about this fiber optic tester?

  • Allows you to test multimode cables before or after they are installed
  • Provides inexpensive fiber testing continuity on your multimode fiber optic cable, saves time on maintenance
  • What makes this fiber tester unique is that it only generates 850-nm wavelength, so it looks like a red laser, it does not generate 1310 nm
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Black Box offers the pocket fiber tester and the Pocket Opto Source an ideal pair for your fiber testing needs.  The fiber tester is an accurate and inexpensive fiber continuity testing device that allows you to test cables both before and after they have been installed. While the Opto Source, sends a beam of light to someone with a tester at the end of an installed fiber cable. More


BB-TS055A Pocket Fiber Tester (ST) 4.5" H x 2.3" W x 1" D 0.6 lb
BB-TS056A Pocket Opto Source (ST) 4.5" H x 2.3" W x 1" D 0.6 lb

This testers work with simplex, duplex, bundled and multimode (50, 62.5 and 100 micron) glass core fiber optic cables. The pocket fiber tester generates 850-nm wavelength only. With this tester you may test cable with ST or SMA connectors.

With the pocket fiber tester and the pocket opto source, you get the ideal set for measuring an installed cable's continuity or attenuation in situations where the cable's ends are too far apart to be connected
NOTE: The pocket fiber tester and the pocket opto source must be used together

  • Ideal for simplex, duplex, bundled and multimode (50, 62.5 and 100 micron) fiber optic cables
  • Provides a good light source for testing fiber cables
  • You can test cable with ST or SMA connectors
  • This light source sends a beam of light down the cable, so someone at the other end can receive the signal in the tester
  • Works on multimode cable
  • The light source is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, so it’s easy to carry to all your work sites
  • Draws its power from a standard 9-volt battery
  • For use with glass-core fiber optic cable only
  • Double Diamond Warranty


Output Wavelength 850 nµ 15 nm at ± 3 dBm
Power Output -20 dBm ± 0.5 dBm (100 µ - core fiber)
-23 dBm ± 1 dBm (62.5 µ - core fiber)
-26 dBm ± 1 dBm (50 µ - core fiber)
Readout Range -22 dBm to -40 dBm
Readout Resolution 2 dBm
CE Approval Yes
Connectors TS055A(2) ST
TS056A(1) ST
Indicators PWR, Bargraph-style LED in 2-dBm increments
Power 9 V, supplied by alkaline or nickel-cadmium transistor battery
Size 4.5" H x 2.3" W x 1" D (11.4 x 5.8 x 2.5 cm)

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