Black Box Fiber Optic A/B Switches and A/B Switches with Loopback

If You Need Ultra-Secure, Critical-Circuit Switching, Use these Micro-Mirror Optical Devices

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What's special about these network switches?

  • Allows you to switch between two networks or remote devices from a single PC using fiber optic cabling
  • Equipped with micro-mirrors to optically transmit data port to port for mission critical environments
  • No optical-to-electrical conversion between fiber connections, which is a trusted and secure technology
  • Available in latching and non-latching models
  • Click for More Features offers Black Box Fiber Optic A/B Switches and A/B Switches with Loopback. These micro-mirror optical devices are ideal if you need ultra-secure, critical-circuit switching. They are used to switch between two networks or remote devices from a single PC. These Fiber Optic AB Switches are ideal for government, healthcare, financial, or other applications where a private, data-sensitive network connects to a publicly accessible network. More information


BB-SW1000A Black Box Fiber Optic A/B Switch
Non-Latching with ST Connectors
4 lbs
BB-SW1003A Black Box Fiber Optic A/OFF/B Switch
Latching Rackmount with ST Connectors
7 lbs
BB-SW1002A Black Box Fiber Optic A/B Switch
Latching with ST Connectors
4 lbs
BB-SW1008A Black Box Fiber Optic A/B Switch
Latching with SC Connectors
4 lbs
BB-SW1010A Black Box Fiber Optic A/B Switch
Latching with Loopback with ST Connectors
2.5 lbs
BB-SW1009A Black Box Fiber Optic A/B Switch
Latching with Loopback with SC Connectors
2.5 lbs

These Fiber Optic A/B Switches are reliable because they use micro-mirrors instead of electronics to route data signals from one fiber optic port to the next. Unlike conventional electronic switches, there are no complex and vulnerable electronic circuits to monitor and protect from intrusion, component failure, or interference.

The switches are available in latching and non-latching models. The optical mirror movements on the latching versions maintain the selected position even when there's a power failure.

If you order an A/B switch with unique loop-back capabilities, you will be able to verify the integrity of you backup fiber link while still connected to your primary fiber link. This is especially useful in failover applications where you want to continuously test the "unused" circuit to ensure that it's available if needed.

  • Operate transparently to signal rates, formats, and wavelengths, and don't require an upgrade when your data protocols change or speeds increase
  • On latching models, latching mirror movement mechanically maintains the selected position, even in a power failure
  • All non-latching versions except for the SW1003A fall back to C-to-A position if power is lost. The SW1003A falls back to the OFF position, which prevents host-to-remote device communications
  • Models with loop-back enable you to test the integrity of your backup fiber link
  • For reliable switching in mission-critical environments, the micro-mirrors are bonded to precise positioning servos
  • Simple to use, just turn a knob on the front panel to route signals
  • Works with 62.5- / 125-micron multimode
  • Universal 100-240 VAC power supply
  • 1 year Double Diamond Warranty


Compatibility 62.5- / 125-micron multimode fiber
Crosstalk -45dB (typical) per FOTP-42
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 100,000 hours or 1,000,000 cycles
Optical Loss 0.5 dB (typical) at 1300 nm per FOTP-34 method B
Sensitivity 750 to 1440 nanometers
Switching Speed Typical: 5 msec
Maximum: 10 msec
CE Approval Yes
Connectors Power: [1] 3.5mm input (ALL)
Fiber Ports: SW1000A, SW1002A, SW1003A, SW1010A have [3] pairs of ST
   SW1008A, SW1009A have [3] pairs of SC
Power Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz auto-sensing
Output: 5 VDC
Operating Temperature 14° to 149° F (-10° to 65° C)
Size SW100A, SW1002A, SW1008A: 2.5"H x 8"W x 6.3"D [6.4cm x 20.3cm x 16cm]
SW1003A: 3.5"H x 19"W x 6.5"D [8.9cm x 48.3cm x 16.5cm]
SW1009A, SW1010A: 2.5"H x 8.1"W x 10.8"D [6.4cm x 20.6cm x 27.4cm]
Weight SW100A, SW1002A, SW1008A: 4 lbs (1.8kg)
SW1003A: 7 lbs (3.2kg)
SW1009A, SW1010A: 2.5 lbs 1.1kg)







Black Box Fiber DriverBlack Box Campus Fiber Driver
The Black Box Campus Fiber Driver is a synchronous high-speed line driver that enables communication between two V.35 or X.21 data devices over a fiber optic link. Some of the data devices that are ideal to use with these drivers are routers, CPUs, and multiplexors. A pair of Campus Fiber Drivers creates a secure fiber optic link that’s immune to electrical interference (EMI/RFI, spikes, and differential ground loops) and can be maintained in hostile or hazardous environments.
Black Box Mini Fiber Optic ModemBlack Box Async Mini Fiber Optic Modem
Black Box Async Mini Fiber Optic Modem allows you to transmit your async RS-422 or V.11 data over multimode or single-mode fiber at up to 115.2 kbps full-duplex. This modem is miniature, lightweight and easy to install. Its transmissions are clear because fiber optic cable provides electrical isolation and immunity from EMI/RFI interference.

signamax media convertersSignamax Media Converters with Link Fault Signaling
Media converters from Signamax Connectivity Systems are an easy and cost effective way to establish a fiber optic cabling infrastructure within your existing network. Our series of unmanaged converters provides simplicity with Link Fault Signaling (LFS) to allow managed switches to recognize a failure on a fiber channel or twisted pair connection and reroute to a backup path if the connected switch is equipped with spanning tree algorithm.

media converterFast Ethernet Media Converters
The Fast Ethernet Media Switching Converter as a cost effective solution for expanding or extending an existing Ethernet/Fast Ethernet network. It is a compact, reliable media conversion solution that provides network administrators the ability to migrate or upgrade copper based networks to fiber optic based networks.

indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables Black Box Indoor/Outdoor 12-Strand, 62.5-Micron Multimode Fiber Optic Cable
From / 1000 FT
The Black Box Indoor/Outdoor Multimode Fiber Optic Cable with 12-Strands and a 62.5-Micron is a tight buffered fiber cable that can be run both indoors and outdoors. Because it can be run anywhere, these cables are ideal for running communications between and within buildings as well as underground.
Multimode Patch Cords Multimode (50/125um)
From per meter
Multimode (62.5/125um)
From per meter
Multimode is an optical fiber with a core (25-200 microns) that supports several modes. The core commonly 62.5/125 or 50/125 is stamped on the cable jacket. Multimode is most commonly used for lower speed, short distance applications.

Black Box PoE PD SwitchesBlack Box PoE PD Switches
If you are looking for power over Ethernet (PoE) plus fiber options, than you need the Black Box PoE PD Switches. You can choose from a wide range of port options, including single-strand fiber, according to your needs.


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