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Black Box ThinNet Insulator Boot

ThinNet Insulator Boot
Black Box ThinNet Insulator Boot provides protection for your RG-58 terminations, and 10 BASE2 coax connections. It provides insulation for standard BNC connector terminations and ensures better communications in baseband thin Ethernet networks.

fiber optic connectors

Fiber Optic Connectors
With the Black Box Fiber Optic Connectors you get more than just a few ways to connect multimode and single-mode cabling. You have a large choice of connectors to terminate your fiber optic cable.

audio coupler

Audio Plugs, Jacks, Posts, Couplers
Connect audio devices with Black Box Audio Plugs, Jacks, Posts, and Couplers. These quality connectors are perfect for your bulk cable installations, and will give you everything you need to make your specialized audio connections. The 24-karat gold plating in these connectors ensures better signal transmission and no corrosion.

Black Box Fiber Optic Couplings

Fiber Optic Couplings
Black Box Fiber Optic Couplings offer an easy way to mate fiber optic connectors and cables. They are the ideal quick solution when you need to couple two fiber optic cables or match fiber connectors. Choose from single mode or multimode, as well as from simplex and duplex.

Black Box Fiber Optic Adapters

Fiber Optic Adapters
The Black Box Fiber Optic Adapters are ideal to use to link your fiber optic cables. You can choose from a variety of fiber optic adapters for converting your ST, SC, and FC fiber optic connections. All these fiber optic adapters feature a panel mount design for easy installation.

Black Box GigaBase2 CAT5e Jacks

GigaBase2 CAT5e Jacks
Providing high-performance terminations in record time, these Cat5e jacks have tin-plated phosphor bronze contacts, and a compact size for multimedia applications.

coax connectors

Feedthrough Coax Connectors
These 9/16" BNC Double Female Bulkhead Jack/Indoor Feed-thru Coaxial Connector link indoor BNC terminated coax segments through a panel or bulkhead. These are most commonly used to create a solid connection through an obstruction.

Black Box Crimp Coax Connectors

Crimp Coax Connectors
Black Box Crimp Coax connectors are designed for use with a hex-style crimp tool. These straight-body BNC connectors fasten securely to RG-59 coax cables for high-quality video signaling.

Black Box FC043

Coax T Connectors
Black Box offers three types of Coax T Connectors that are great for splitting signals from a common source to two devices. These quality coax T-Connectors are available to suit all of your video installation needs or connecting two coaxial cables to thin Ethernet network cards.

Black Box BNC Resistor Coax Connectors

BNC Resistor Coax Connectors
Black Box offers three types of BNC Resistor Terminator Caps that allow you to close unused plugs, as well as prevent signal loss in CCTV coax runs. They are ideal for video installations and are easy to use, so you can be sure you will always have a stable and reliable network.

Black Box Crimp-Lock Fiber Optic Connectors

Crimp-Lock Fiber Optic Connectors
The Black Box Crimp-Lock Fiber Optic Connectors are the ideal choice for quick or emergency 62.5-micron multimode fiber connections. No epoxy means no mess, no toxicology issues, and no waiting.

Black Box 50-Micron Connector

50-Micron Connectors
The Black Box 50-Micron Connectors are ceramic-ferrule connectors designed specially for use on 50-micron cables.  These Multimode connectors offer quick installation with no epoxy or polishing necessary and are compliant with all ANSI and TIA/EIA standards.

analog, digital audio baluns

Analog & Digital Audio Baluns
Connect audio devices that are spaced far apart by using inexpensive CAT5 cable instead of costly coax cable. Compact design for installing next to audio equipment in tight spaces.

fiber optic loopback connector

Fiber Optic Loopback Connectors
With Black Box Fiber Optic Loopback Connectors you get the right equipment for loopback testing. Select between SC, MT-RJ, and LC connectors and adapters according to your loopback testing needs.


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