Black Box BNC Resistor Coax Connectors

Close Unused Plugs and Prevent Signal Loss

Black Box FC235

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Black Box BNC Resistor Coax Connectors

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these BNC resistors?

  • Prevents signal loss through unused BNC jacks in your CCTV system
  • There are 2 options to choose from, so you can find the resistor that best fits your needs for all your video installations
  • Easy to use connectors keep your network reliable and stable
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Black Box offers two types of BNC Resistor Terminator Caps that allow you to close unused plugs, as well as prevent signal loss in CCTV coax runs. They are ideal for video installations and are easy to use, so you can be sure you will always have a stable and reliable network.


  • BNC 50-Ohm RG-58 Resistor Terminator Cap, made for applications where grounding is not a concern
  • This resistor terminator cap closes unused connectors in your 10BASE2 coax cable runs
  • Cap off RG-58 cable runs operating at 50 ohms in your ThinNet cabling network
  • Double Diamond warranty


Part # Connector Type Cable Qty per Pack Weight Dimensions Price
BB-FC135 BNC 50-Ohm RG-58 1 0.028 lbs 1.2" L x 0.7" W x 0.8" H
BB-FC135-10PAK BNC 50-Ohm RG-58 10 0.28 lbs 3.3" L x 4.1" W x 0.8" H
BB-FC135 BNC Resistor Terminator Cap, RG-58 Cap, 50 Ohm 1 0.028 lbs 1.2" L x 0.7" W x 0.8" H
BB-FC135-10PAK BNC Resistor Terminator Cap, RG-58 Cap, 50 Ohm 10 0.28 lbs 3.3" L x 4.1" W x 0.8" H
RG6 coaxial cable RG6/U Coaxial Cable - PVC, Plenum, Siamese
From / 500ft
Our RG6/U cable is a higher quality 75 Ω coaxial cable that is a higher grade cable than RG59 and therefore a better choice where performance is important. It uses a larger, higher-capacity center conductor (18 AWG) and a larger insulating dielectric.
universal bnc connectorGem Electronics Universal Connector 301-00
This Universal Connector is the only one of its type in the world and will save you money in wasted trips to jobs only to find that you have carried the wrong connector. This termination kit is unique because it comes with three different sized ferrules which enables you, as the installer, to deal with the varying thicknesses of insulation that comes with RG58 and RG59.
rg59 siamese cableRG59/U Coaxial Siamese Cable
/ 500 ft spool

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