Black Box CAT5e Installation Kit

Cut, Test, and Everything in Between

Black Box Cat5e Installation Kit, BB-FT475A-R3

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BlackBox CAT5e Installation Kit

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  • Black Box 1000FT GigaBase 350 CAT5e Bulk Cable - icon
  • Black Box EZ Check Cable Tester - icon
  • Black Box Multi-Strip Cable Stripper - icon
  • Black Box Universal RJ Crimp Tool - icon
  • Black Box Category 5e, RJ-45 Plugs - icon
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  • Black Box Cat5e Installation Kit - icon

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this cable termination kit?


The CAT5e Installation Kit from Black Box replaces all the tools you need for cutting and testing your network cables. This convenient tool set is perfect for contractors, IT technicians, and more.

  • Also contains 1000ft of cable so you can complete cable runs or create patch cords on site
  • Backed by BlackBox’s Standard Double Diamond™ Warranty
  • Easy to use tools require little to no instructions for use

High quality tester:

  • Provides you with fast and easy pass/fail results to quickly test or troubleshoot terminated cables
  • Gives clear test results via the LED for opens, shorts, continuity, split pairs, and reversals


  • Strips and removes a variety of jacket materials on both twisted pair and flat satin cable
  • Features a tension loop and adjustment screw so you can fine tune the blade’s penetration

Universal crimp tool:

  • Works for just about any type of RJ connector and twisted pair cable
  • Sturdy tool grade steel construction is sure to last termination after termination

CAT5e RJ-45 plugs:

  • Ideal for use on solid wire 4-pair UTP and exceed TIA/EIA requirements
  • Twist requirements are maintained with the built in load bar, which also assists with proper wire insertion

Carrying Case:

  • Double wall HD polyethylene construction for ultimate tool protection
  • Equipped with foam inserts to keep tools securely in place


1000 FT Cable
ACR (Minimum at 100m) 16.3 dB at 100 MHz
1.4 dB at 200 MHz
Attenuation (Minimum at 100m) 22.0 dB at 100 MHz
32.4 dB at 200 MHz
41.0 dB at 300 MHz
44.9 dB at 350 MHz
Cable Type 4-pair UTP
Capacitance Unbalanced (Maximum) 3300 pF/km (Pair to ground)
Characteristic Impedance 1–350 MHz: 100 ± 15 ohms
Conductor 24 AWG, solid, bare copper
Conductor Resistance 93.8 ohm/20° C maximum
Delay Skew (Maximum) 1–350 MHz: 40 nS/100 m
EL-FEXT (Minimum at 100 m) 23.8 dB at 100 MHz
17.7 dB at 200 MHz
14.2 dB at 300 MHz
12.9 dB at 350 MHz
NEXT (Minimum at 100 m) 38.3 dB at 100 MHz
33.8 dB at 200 MHz
31.2 dB at 300 MHz
30.1 dB at 350 MHz
PS-ACR (Minimum at 100 m) 14.3 dB at 100 MHz
PS-ELFEXT (Minimum at 100 m) 20.8 dB at 100 MHz
14.7 dB at 200 MHz
11.2 dB at 300 MHz
9.9 dB at 350 MHz
PS-NEXT (Minimum at 100 m) 36.3 dB at 100 MHz
31.8 dB at 200 MHz
29.2 dB at 300 MHz
28.1 dB at 350 MHz
Return Loss 20.1 dB at 100 MHz
Velocity of Propagation (Minimum) 62.1% at 350 MHz
Cable/Crimp Type: twisted pair and flat satin cable
Strip Type/Dimensions: Strip lengths can be varied
Universal RJ Crimp Tool
Material Tool-grade Steel
Strip Type/Dimensions: Crimp RJ Connections/uses standard dies attached via Allen wrench
CAT5E Modular Plugs
Compatible Cable Diameters 24 or 26 AWG solid or stranded cable with a diameter of up to 0.225" (5.7 mm)
Applications 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX
Dimension 3.37" x 4.86" x 2.1"
Weight 0.65 lbs
TIA568 Test Performed Continuity
Opens / Shorts
Split Pairs
Carrying Case
Dimensions 6"H x 9.5"W x 2.6"D (15.2 x 24.1 x 6.6 cm)
Material High Density Polyethylene
Contents Protected Temperature Range -70°F (-18°C) to +180°F (+82°C)
BB-FT475A-R3 Black Box Cat5e Installation kit
  • (1) EZ Check Cable Tester (EZCT)
  • (1) Multi-Strip Cable Stripper (FT231A)
  • (1) Universal RJ Crimp Tool (FT046A)
  • (25) Category 5e, RJ-45 Plugs (FMTP5E-25PAK)
  • (1) Carrying Case (FT390)
  • 1000 feet of GigaBase 350 CAT5e, 350-MHz Solid Bulk Cable (EYN857A-PB-1000)
6"H x 9.5"W x 2.6"D
(15.2cm x 24.1cm x 6.6cm)

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