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Patch Cables

Black Box GigaBase 350 Cat5e Patch Cable (UTP)

GigaBase 350 Cat5e Patch Cable (UTP)
These colored patch cables feature molded, snag-free boots. Also, cable kinks and bent pins caused by frequent plugging into and unplugging from patch panels are eliminated, which means crosstalk is reduced.

Blue Cat6 Patch Cable

GigaTrue CAT6 550-MHz Patch Cable
From offers Black Box GigaTrue Cat6 550-MHz Patch Cables (UTP). These are Black Box's best CAT6 patch cables for all your high performance applications. They are the perfect alternative for full broadband and baseband video.

Black Box CAT5e Cable Economizer / Doubler

CAT5e Cable Economizer / Doubler
Get double the data connections by splitting a single 4-pair Cat5e cable into two ports with Black Box's Cable Economizer/Doubler.

high density CAT6 patch cables

Cat6 and Cat6a High Density Data Center Patch Cables (UTP)
From / 3FT
Black Box Cat6 and Cat6a High Density Data Center Patch Cables (UTP) have the patent-pending push-pull boot design. This design makes it easy to insert and remove the cables in high-density data center applications, such as blade servers, patch panels, and switches.

GigaTrue Cat6 Bulk Cables

GigaTrue® CAT6 550-MHz BULK Cable
Perfect for data centers and television stations, this high-performance cable is designed to cover the speed and bandwidth needs of digital video and wideband Ethernet, and is marked in 2-foot increments for easy measurement.

blackbox bulk cat6 cable

Black Box® Solid Bulk Category 6 Cable
From / per 1000 ft
Black Box bulk Cat 6a cable comes in plenum and riser and is sure to get you through many jobs.

blackbox lockable shielded and unshielded patch cable

Black Box® GigaTrue®3 Locking Cat 6 & Cat 6A Patch Cables
From / per foot
Protect your network from physical and electronic tampering with these premium Ethernet cables.

blackbox lockable shielded and unshielded patch cable

Black Box® GigaBase®3 Lockable Cat 5e Cables
From / per foot
Instantly add security and reduce downtime with these innovative locking cables.

Audio/Video Cables

Black Box S-Video Cables

S-Video Cables
The Black Box S-Video cable has the standard 4 pin connector that can be used on most common home theater devices. These cables improve image quality from analogue sources, and reduce signal interference noise. They are ideal for providing video links between your DVD player, video camera, or VCR and your TV or monitor.

Black Box VGA ? RGBHV Cable

This VGA-RGBHV Cable from Black Box connects high resolution RGB with 5 BNC connectors to a regular VGA port. It has RGBHV color-coded connectors for easy installation and works well in HDTV applications.

vga cable

Premium VGA Cable with Audio
This Premium VGA Cable from Black Box gives you a quick way to connect your PC or laptop to any video display system with speakers. This premium cable is shielded to extend your video/sound signals without distortion or loss of quality. It's ideal for use with projectors, flat-screen monitors in self-service kiosks, information booths, video cameras, and so much more.

Blackbox Bulk Speaker Cable

Bulk Premium In-Wall Speaker Cables
From / 50 FT
Black Box's bulk premium in-wall speaker cable offers superior performance and sound quality for most speaker and audio equipment connections at an affordable price. These high-quality cables are designed to maximize sound and frequency response.

RGBHV cable

RGBHV-RGBHV Cable with Ferrite Bead
The Black Box RGBHV-RGBHV Cable with Ferrite Bead is a high quality, versatile RGBHV cable with five BNC connectors for high resolution, high quality video. It allows you to prevent the loss of video quality and is easy to install. The ferrite bead provides EMI shielding to minimize noise and video distortion.

Black Box RGBS Video Cable

RGBS Video Cable
Allows you to move your monitor anywhere, from 5ft. to 50ft from your CPU. Surrounded by a tinned copper braid shielding to protect against GMI / RFI. Color coded individual cables for correct and easy installation. Guaranteed for life!

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Adapter Cable

Fiber Adapter Cable Kits
The Black Box Fiber Adapter Cable Kits allow you to convert your equipment's LC connector into an SC or ST female connector. Both handy adapter kits feature bronze alignment sleeves for added connector durability.

multimode fiber optic cables

Interlocking Armored, 12-Strand, 62.5-Micron Multimode Fiber Optic Cable
From / 500 FT
The Black Box Interlocking Armored Multimode Fiber Optic Cable is a fiber cable that is jacketed in aluminum interlocking armor so you can run it just about anywhere. Since the fiber optic cable is already inside you will save time and money in your installations, as there is no need use a protective innerduct.

indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables

Indoor/Outdoor 12-Strand, 62.5-Micron Multimode Fiber Optic Cable
From / 1000 FT
These cables are ideal for running communications between and within buildings as well as underground. This multimode fiber optic cable is moisture resistant with water-blocking strength member and meets GR-20-CORE, to ensure that any cable damage can be contained to a repairable length.

LockPORT fiber optic cables

LockPORT™ Locking Fiber Optic Cables
From / 3.2 FT
Perfect for preventing everything from accidental unplugs to deliberate tampering with network connections, these fiber patch cords feature connectors with integrated locks that keep the cables securely anchored in ports until you choose to remove them.


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